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Houston Dog Bite Lawyer Niles Sneed

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Due to the deadlines for filing injury claims, it is important that you meet with a Texas dog bite attorney as soon as possible to evaluate your case.

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Houston Dog Bite Lawyer Niles Sneed

If you're looking for a dog bite lawyer near you in Houston, contact attorney Niles Sneed today. 

When you or a loved one suffer serious dog bite injuries due to the negligent or reckless behavior of a pet owner, the results are often devastating. Beyond physical complications, dog attacks create numerous personal and financial issues. Attorney Niles Sneed is a Houston dog bite lawyer that has successfully handled hundreds of case on behalf of dog bite victims, either through negotiations with the owner's insurance company or litigation. Niles Sneed is well verses in Texas negligence statutes and animal restriction ordinances in Harris County and acts quickly to following an animal attack to protect your rights. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 4.5 million people are bitten by canines each year in the United States. Of those, about 20% require medical attention. Each year, dog bites result in the hospitalization of over 31,000 people in the US. In Texas, there were over 1,000 reported dog bites in 2019. The majority of bites occur among children ages 5-9 years old. Boys are more likely to be bitten than girls. While most bite injuries are not serious, they can lead to infection, scarring, and in rare cases, death. 

Have you or a family member been injured in an animal attack? Whether you've been bitten, attacked, or knocked down b by the dog, you may have a case. If you're considering seeking compensation for your medical bills, pain or suffering, lost wages and other costs, contact Houston dog bite lawyer Niles Sneed today. Niles understands the challenges and costs of personal injury cases from dog bites. We are prepared to get you the compensation that you deserve.

What is a Houston dog bite lawyer?

A Houston dog bite lawyer is a personal injury attorney who specializes in representing people who have been injured by a dog bite or other Animal attack. Dog bites can cause serious injuries, including puncture wounds, lacerations, infection, and scarring. In some cases, a victim may also suffer from nerve damage, bone fractures, or psychological trauma. If you or someone you love has been injured by a dog bite, it is important to consult with a experienced dog bite lawyer who can help you seek compensation for your injuries.

What does a Houston dog bite lawyer do?

An experienced lawyer will be able to investigate the incident and gather evidence to support your claim. An animal attack lawyer also understands how liability is established in dog bite injury claims, whether through strict liability, negligence, or the one-bite rule. Furthermore, a lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and ensure that you receive the full compensation that you and your loved ones are entitled to in relation to the animal attack. If your injury claim does not settle at the pre-litigation stage, the attorney will file a civil lawsuit here in Harris County against the at-fault person 

How Much Does a Houston Dog Bite Lawyer Charge?

Dog bite attorneys work on contingency basis, meaning that you pay nothing upfront and their fees are taken from the net recovery of the personal injury settlement. The percentage an attorney recovers often changes, but it set forth in the attorney-client agreement. It is important to ask about the attorneys fees during your initial consultation. Generally, a personal injury lawyer charges 33% if the case is resolved pre-litigation, and the percentage increases if a lawsuit is filed, or the case is tried before a Texas jury. 

How do you prove liability against a pet owner in Texas?

In order to prove liability in a dog bite lawsuit here in Texas, the victim must prove the pet owner or property owner was either negligent, or can be held strictly liable for violating the "One Bite Rule." Negligence is established by showing the defendant violated a duty of care and failed to take reasonable actions to prevent the resulting harm. This includes a pet owner violating a local leash requirement. The "One Bite Rule", was established by the Supreme Court of Texas in a case called Marshall v. Ryan. The One Bite Rule does not require a showing of fault, instead, the pet owner is held strictly liable in cases where the animal known to be dangerous by attacking someone previously. If the animal has never bitten anyone before, then the injured person must prove the dog was still aggressive or vicious, which often is proven by witness testimony, camera footage, or other forms of physical evidence. 

What should I do after being bit by a canine?

After suffering a dog bite injury you should take the following steps to protect your health and your legal rights:

  1. Wash The Wound: You should seek prompt medical care if suffer puncture wounds or other serious physical injuries after the attack. Any medical can aid you in the initial care.

  2. Call 911, No Matter What. An officer from the Houston Police Department will fill out an incident report and collect witness statement. Dog bite injuries sometimes even carry criminal liability under The Texas Penal Code § 6.03.

  3. Try To Get The Owner's Contact. If possible, get the name and information of the dog’s owner or the person who was in control of the canine at the time of the attack. 

  4. Collect Every Witness. If someone else saw the incident, or if they were also hurt or had experience a problem in the past obtain their contact information and our lawyers will collect their statement as evidence.

  5. Photograph The Injuries: Take photos of the injuries at a time when it is safe to do so, and before the wounds begin to heal. 

  6. Don't Wash The Clothes: Keep and do not wash any clothes you were wearing when the attack happened.

  7. Gather Medical Bills: Gather and store copies of any medical bills and receipts from any other bite-related expenses you have incurred.

  8. Gather Medical Bills: Take a moment and write down everything you can remember about the dog bite incident, making a note of where it happened, who appeared to be in control of the animal and what you did immediately before and after the attack.

  9. Contact an Attorney. Get in touch with a dog bite lawyer without delay in order to learn more about your legal rights and options and receive insight in how to best protect your claim and recovery.

Dog bite victims often contact the Texas Department of State Health Services in order to a report, investigate the incident, and take appropriate action against the dangerous animal. Finally, you can contact a personal injury lawyer. Houston Dog Bite Lawyer Niles Sneed is available to provide immediate legal assistance if you or a family member has been bitten or attacked by a canine in Houston. We can help you and your family rebuild your lives, step by step, after experiencing an animal attack. Give us a call and learn why Niles Sneed is Houston's leading animal attack attorney.

Who is responsible dog bite injuries?

That party that can be held legally responsible for the damages caused by a dangerous dog changes depending on the circumstance, but can often include; the pet's owner, a homeowner, temporary caretaker, landlord, apartment complex, or company that keeps the dog on their premises. Dog bite cases can involve multiple negligent parties, allowing the plaintiff to recover compensation against two or more defendants. An attorney experienced in handling dog bite cases can determine who is responsible and whether there is insurance coverage in your circumstance. 

How long do I have to file a dog bite claim in Houston?

In the state of Texas, dog bite victims have two years to file a personal injury claim. This is known as the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is the legal deadline for filing a case. If you do not file your case within the statute of limitations, you will not be able to recover damages.

How much is a dog bite claim worth?

The value of a dog bite claim is dependent on a number of factors, including the severity of your injuries, the extent of medial treatment required to address the harm that was caused, and the extent of insurance coverage applicable to the situations. Dog bite claims generally result in six-figure settlements due to the severity of a canine bite. Dog attacks often cause extensive tissue damage including emergency surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery, skin grafts, tissue expansion, and scar revision, which result in high medical bills. Contact a personal injury lawyer in your area to learn more about your rights and options.

What is the timeline for a dog bite case?

The timeline to resolve dog bite claims can take between one month and two years to reach settlement, depending on the facts surrounding how the accident occurred and the injuries you experienced. After you obtain medical treatment and reach your point of maximum medical recovery (MMI) your attorney will calculate your estimated damages and send a demand letter and negotiate with the at-fault party's insurance carrier. Most animal attack claims settle outside of the courtroom and settle about two months after the date of MMI. However, if the case does not settle in negotiations the attorney will file the lawsuit and start the discovery process. Dog bite cases that require the filing of a civil lawsuit could settle in mediation, or on average take two years to conclude. 

How Common Are Dog Attack Injuries In Houston, Texas?

According to the Houston SPCA, an estimated 15,000 dog bites occurred in Houston in 2021. And, of those dog bites, about 1,000 required medical attention. On June 11, 2020, The USPS released their Annual Dog Attack National Rankings, showing that Houston ranked first with the highest number of to their employees attacks in 2019 with 86, or 10 more than were reported during the previous year. There are a few reasons why dog bites are so common in Houston. First, Houston is a very populous city with a lot of dogs. second, many people in Houston do not properly socialize their dogs or train them to behave around other people and animals. 

Types of Canine Bite Injuries

There are four main types of dog bite injuries, puncture wounds, lacerations, abrasions. All four types of injuries can lead to infection, nerve damage, and other serious complications. As such, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after being bitten by a dog.

Additionally, dog bite victims can also suffer from the types of physical injuries in an attack: 

Dog Bite Lawyer Niles Sneed regularly assists dog attack victims and their families in establishing liability against pet owners and ensuring that clients are fully compensated for their injuries and damages. The treatment and rehabilitation costs related to dog attacks can quickly place economic strain on victims, Niles Sneed ensures that all forms of economic damage is accounted for.

What Are The Most Dangerous Breeds?

Though this topic is often up for debate, Labradors and Chihuahuas are often notes as having the highest bite frequencies here in Houston and across Harris County. However, the bite incidents of these two breeds is often not reported due to the injuries being far less significant. Research shows that dogs with the physical characteristics of a brachycephalic head shape and weight between 66 and 100 pounds cause the most severe tissue damage due to an increased jaw pressure and strength. In this category of dogs are Pit Bulls, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Mastiffs, and Huskies.

According to a 2020 study released by American Association of Oral Surgeons, the risk of suffering complex dog bite wounds from a Pit Bull is 4.4 percent higher compares to any of the top-biting breeds. found that in the fifteen year period of 2005 through 2019, there were 521 fatalities in America, and Pit bulls contributed to 66% (346) of these deaths. The combination of pit bulls, American bulldogs, Rottweilers, and mastiff-type breeds accounted for 81% of all dog bite-related deaths. In incidents of catastrophic injuries, our lawyers also discuses various support groups that aim to help in the long-term transition towards a return to normal life.  

Our Houston Dog Bite Injury Lawyers Are Ready To hear The Story. Complete a Free Case Evaluation form and a lawyer will call you right now.

Do Public Parks Have Leash Laws?

Among the  United Stated most populous cities, Houston rank #1 in total acreage of outdoor park space by having 52,912 acres of total park space. Unfortunately, many dog owners often believe that vast park space means their canine can roam off leash. This is not true. If you or a loved one was bitten by a dog at a popular Houston, Texas park, chances are the recreational area has a "leash law", which entitles you to compensation from the owner. 

As an example, Houston's Discovery Green Park Rules state that dogs must be leashed except in the dog runs, this is the same for Levy Park, Buffalo Bayou Park, and Emancipation Park. Hermann Park has recently announced that their Conservancy has plans for an "off-leash" park, but the two-acre development s not completed, forcing all dogs to remain on leash until then. 

Dog bite accident attorney Niles Sneed if familiar with all pet leash restrictions in Texas. If you have questions concerning a recent bite incident, reach out to an experience animal attorney attorney to learn of your legal options. 

Houston Dog Bite Lawyers Near You

If you were bitten or attacked by a dog anywhere in Harris County, we can help. Niles J. Sneed is an experienced Dog Bite attorney in Houston who knows the ins and outs of Texas animal attack laws near you. Our firm regularly assisting dog bite victims and will help you obtain maximum compensation while you recover from serious injuries. Contact us online or call us today at (866)434-0014 to arrange for a free Dog Bite Case Evaluation.

Feel free to also review the dog bite facts and statistics compiled by our dog bite litigation team, along with victim resources that often aid attack victims in their physical and emotional recovery.  

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