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Houston Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyer Niles Sneed

Turn To The Law Firm Will A Proven Record of Success And Millions Recovered For Pedestrians Across Texas.

In bicycle-automobile collisions the pedestrian lacks protection from the car's bumper, windshield, or the concrete, causing our clients to often serious personal injuries, including broken bones, closed head injuries, spinal core damage, or much more. Our law firm even assists the families of riders that died in these catastrophic accidents as more than 60 bicyclists are killed in Texas each year. Let our team aggressively advocate for you damages and help you obtain the largest recovery owed to you. 

If you or a family member were hit by a car while riding a bicycle in Houston, you have certain rights available to you that an experienced personal injury attorney can assist you with. Bicycle Accident Lawyer Niles J. Sneed is a bicycle accident injury lawyer in Houston with a high success rate in a number of severe personal injury cases. Ask to speak with him directly if you need assistance. 

Share your story of how the accident occurred by calling (866)434-0014 for a free initial consultation. We'll review your case and determine the best strategy to receive the maximum amount of compensation to cover your physical, emotional, and economic injuries. And remember, YOU OWE US NOTHING UNTIL WE WIN!


How Our Firm Became The Best Pedestrian Injury Law Firm In Texas

Our firm’s founder Niles J. Sneed is himself an avid cyclist, sponsors charitable rides across Texas, and actively fights for the rights of cyclists both in and outside of the courtroom. Over the course of his career Niles Sneed has become the go trial lawyer for bicycle-auto crash cases due to his record of obtaining full compensation for cyclists, despite Texas' harsh contributory negligence law

Sneed|Mitchell LLP proudly represents bike accident victims across in Houston, Katy, The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, and statewide when injured in bicycle accidents. If you’ve found yourself in such a situation, rest assured our Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyers will work tirelessly to recover full compensation for damages caused by this life-altering experience. 

The Most Common Injuries in Automobile-Pedestrian Injuries

Bicycle-automobile crashes in Houston and throughout Harris County often result in severe injuries. Some of the most common kinds of injuries our clients suffer in these cases include:

Head injury lawyer after bike accidents

Head & Neck

brain injury lawyer after bike accidents
shoulder injury after being hit by a vehicle

Brain Trauma

back injury after being hit by a car

Back & Spine 

Shoulder injury after being hit by a car
rotator cuff injury after a bike accident

Shoulder Pain

Leg injury lawyer after bike accidents
shoulder injury lawyer after a bike crash

Leg Injuries

died after being hit by a ca

Loss of Life

Note: Seek medical care within the first 72 hours of the bike accident, if you weren't able to or are without , call us immediately for assistance obtaining medical treatment. 

Bicyclists Often Suffer Life-Altering Injuries

The injury cyclists suffer that is the toughest to detect and diagnose are traumatic brain injuries (TBI) related to various types of concussions. These head injuries occur when the brain experiences a sudden impact from the blunt force of colliding with the car frame, windshield, or the pavement after the initial impact. Cyclists that suffer closed head injuries often discuss experiencing ongoing headaches, difficulty completing objectives, finishing sentences, or feeling fatigue, depressed, or extreme loss of appetite. Neurologists provide prognosis of the severity of the concussion and regularly assist our clients through cognitive rehabilitation therapy.

Bicyclists being hit by cars are also the leading cause of spinal cord injuries, which rank among the most critical and life-altering injuries in any personal injury accident. Possible effects of a spinal cord injury include:


  • Internal bleeding

  • Paralysis (Paralyzed)

  • Loss of bladder or bowel control

  • Loss of income

  • Lifelong high medical costs. A 25-year-old with paraplegia faces an estimated $2.5 million in lifetime costs.

  • Risk of secondary conditions such as pressure ulcers, chronic pain, osteoporosis, and deep vein thrombosis


The more severe your injuries, the more important it is to work with an experienced bike injury lawyer. We understand the challenges associated with litigating pedestrian cases and can provide the legal experience and skill necessary to obtain the maximum compensation for the vehicle accident has impacted your life.

Texas Bike Laws

Texas Transportation Code Chapter 551.104 provides the foundational rules as to how bicyclists must share the roadway, but generally, the law treats bicyclists the same of vehicles, requiring that each operate with the same duty of care. 

Bicyclist must keep to the right when possible, try to remain with three feet of the curb, pass with care and signal. However, most Houston motorist aren't aware that bicyclists are legally allowed to "take this lane" or have "primary position" ahead of their car if traveling with the flow of traffic. Our firm often represents bicyclists in situation where the automobile driver maneuvered unsafely to counter a biker's right to take the lane, and in the process injured our client.

Texas follows the comparative negligence state, with modification. This means that if a bicyclist is found 10% at fault for causing hiss/her injuries, they can recover the other 90% of damages from the motorist. For this reason, a bicycle accident attorney will diligently examine all witness statements, police reports, medical records​, photos, camera footage, and even the driver's driving record or text messages to determine the percentage of responsibility the motorist is legally held to. ​

If you need a Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer to evaluate your claim, call attorney Niles Sneed today. He and his team will inform you of how your circumstance is determined under the law and inform you of your obtains moving forward. 

What To Do After Being Hit By A Car

You may feel emotionally unsteady following a bike-vehicle collision in Houston. Even if you were not seriously injured, you may feel disoriented and confused after such a high-adrenaline event. Staying calm following your accident is important; try to keep the following steps in mind:

  1. Call 911. Calling the police is important as their accident report and investigation gathers evidence helpful in proving the motorists was at-fault.  

  2. Avoid Quick Movements. Rapid movements cause additional injuries to occur, especially to your neck, back, and shoulders.

  3. Seek Medical Attention. Pedestrians often suffer bruising, lacerations, spinal injuries, brain injuries, or even internal bleeding, which are all medical conditions often tough for traffic victims to detect. Ask for and obtain care from a Houston hospital or clinic as soon as possible. 

  4. Collect Contact Information. Obtain the full contact information from any witnesses and the scene. Our pedestrian accident team will later contact them to obtain their statement.

  5. Photograph The Scene. Take photos of your injuries as well as the bicycle accident scene and any damage to your bike. These will later help support your claim. 

  6. Get a copy of your accident report. We can secure it for you, or you can contact the law enforcement agency that prepared the report such as the Houston Police Department, or order a copy through TxDot's Crash Report Purchase System

  7. Do not admit fault. Only tell the police what you know for certain. Do not guess before speaking with a pedestrian lawyer. 

  8. Do Not Provide A Recorded Statement. Do not give any statements to any insurance representatives

  9. Keep a journal. Write down all that you recall from the accident scene and keep track of how your injuries and complications change over time. 

  10. Secure Legal Counsel. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can help you understand your rights and your options, and negotiate with insurance companies. They can also help you fight for fair compensation if a careless driver was responsible for your accident.

The Types of Damages Recoverable In A Pedestrian Injury Claim

Other lawyers and Judges refer their bicycle accident clients turn to Sneed|Mitchell LLP because our of record of note-worthy settlements and verdicts. We meticulously work to ensure our clients receive compensation from the following damage categories:


If a driver was responsible for your injuries, the driver is responsible for all resulting injuries and economic consequences. Discuss your claim with the firm that recovers millions for pedestrian injury victims across Texas, each year.


The Traffic Situations That Cause Auto Accidents To Occur

Most bicycle accidents are caused by careless motorists. At Sneed|Mitchell LLP, we believe in holding negligent motorists accountable for the harm they inflict on cyclists. There are several common types of bicycle accident, including:

Leaving a private driveway: This type of accident happens when a cyclist exits a private drive, alley, or sidewalk onto a roadway. Typically, they occur in residential areas--all too often, drivers do not watch out for cyclists as they do for cars.


Stop signs and traffic lights: Such accidents are caused when a stopped motorist pulls into an intersection prematurely, striking a cyclist, or when motorists go through a rolling stop and hit cyclists traveling through an intersection.

Driver turning left: This is one of the most dangerous bicycle accidents. It is commonly referred to as “the left cross.” When a car tries to turn left in front of an oncoming cyclist the vehicle can either strike the bike from the side or cause the rider to crash into the side of the car, leading to devastating injuries.


Vehicles operating in bike lanes: While bicycle lanes are growing in prevalence throughout Houston, Cypress, Kingwood, The Heights, the city’s motorists do not always practice proper bike lane etiquette, which can lead to bicycle accidents.

Motorists overtaking a cyclist: These accidents are more common after dark, when visibility is low. They occur in Houston when motorists fail to see cyclists while passing them and collide.

Driver turning right: When a driver turns right and fails to yield, they may strike a bicycle in the cross street. Sometimes, drivers also overtake bicyclists and cut them off while executing a right turn.

Getting “doored”: When a driver opens the door to exit the vehicle, oncoming cyclists can crash into the open door.

Regardless of how your accident occurred, you should talk a Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer about your rights and legal options. Someone else’s mistake should not saddle you with medical bills and other unforeseen expenses.

What Causes Automobile-Pedestrian Collision?

How do bicycle accidents happen in the city of Houston? Here are just a few factors:


  • Inclement weather--Our frequently wet roads and the poor visibility that comes along with bad weather frequently contribute to accidents.

  • Bad roads--Houston is not known for the condition of its roads. Potholes, unexpected or poorly marked detours, construction, and/or a lack of appropriate bike lanes can all put bicyclists in danger. Wildlife can also cause accidents when riders or cars swerve to avoid them. 

  • Speeding--Drivers and cyclists alike should not speed. When one or both parties are speeding, there is less time to stop or react in the event of a hazard and the force of impact in a bike-and-car collision becomes exponentially worse. 

  • Failure to signal--Frequently, cars strike bicyclists as one or the other is making a turn. Look both ways, use caution, and signal appropriately while turning.

  • Blind spots--Cyclists must give cars adequate space and ensure that they are not riding in one of the vehicle’s blind spots.


Cyclists can lower their risk of accidents by knowing their area inside and out, using proper safety gear, and riding at night as little as possible. 

Houston Is The Most Dangerous City in Texas For Bicyclists

The security business blog Your Local Security placed Houston at number six in the U.S. when ranking the top 10 most dangerous cities for bicyclists. Houston was the only city in Texas to make their list. In 2018 alone, 19 cyclists and 133 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents in the Houston area. 


Many cities struggle to keep bicyclists, pedestrians, and other vulnerable roadway users safe. The issue, however, is particularly complicated in Texas, where the rapid growth of cities and break-neck pace of urbanization increasingly puts bicyclists in the path of harried drivers. 


If you have been injured, or a loved one lost their lives as a result of a bicycle accident, you should not hesitate to get the help that you need from a skilled Houston bicycle accident lawyer. At Sneed|Mitchell LLP, we represent injured cyclists throughout the local area and are ready to fight for you. Contact us for your free case review.

Why Is Riding A Bicycle So Dangerous In Harris County?

The city of Houston lacks proper bike lanes and additional road designs geared towards increasing the safety of bicyclists. Drivers of passenger cars in Harris County are also unfamiliar with the laws that require vehicles to share the road and allow bike riders the right of way in certain situations. 


At Sneed|Mitchell LLP, we know exactly how impactful and devastating traffic wrecks are - —and how important zealous and experienced legal advocacy in the success of our client’s claims. Our record of outstanding representation and success in pedestrian and car accident cases has earned us a 5-star rating on Google, AVVO, AV, and Facebook. But, watch our client testimonials to hear from clients like you that have obtained award-winning results. 

Our City Is Not Yet A Pedestrian Friendly

For more than a decade Houston has been a Danger Zone for all pedestrians, whether bicyclist, jogger, commuter, or child. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2018 the rate of civilians killed in pedestrian accidents without our city doubled the rate of fatalities experienced across Texas. The alarming number of pedestrian fatalities has triggered multiple Public Works initiatives to provide wider sidewalks, create more pedestrian crossings, update lighting, and more.

August 13, 2019, Mayor Sylvester Turner signed the Vision Zero Executive Order committing to end traffic deaths and serious injuries on Houston streets by 2030. This initiative intends to prioritize creating a system of accessible streets safety and redesigns to lower the rate of fatalities caused by car accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pedestrian Injuries In Houston, Texas

What is the average settlement for a pedestrian injury in Houston?

In 2019, our law firm secured the full at-fault motorist's insurance policy in each of our pedestrian accident cases, which provided our clients an average case settlement of $45,000. Under Texas law, motorists are required by law to maintain liability insurance of at least $30,000, though policies range from $30,000 to upwards of $1,000,000 dollars. Pedestrian accident victims often suffer extensive injuries and it is out job to ensure clients obtain complete damage compensation for their injuries and damages.

How will a pedestrian injury lawyer prove the driver was liable for hitting me?

Each and every driver in the state of Texas has a responsibility to exercise reasonable care while operating a motor vehicle. They are obligated to watch for cyclists and use caution while passing them. Speeding, distracted driving, and other negligent habits not only constitute a breach of this duty, they can lead to serious accidents.

When our expert bicycle accident attorneys investigate your case, they will collect a variety of evidence. This evidence may include:

  • Photos
  • Surveillance videos
  • Damage sustained by both your bicycle and the other vehicle
  • Witness statements
  • Law enforcement accident reports
  • Expert testimony

Establishing liability is no simple task, but our experienced lawyers know exactly how to handle such cases. We will quickly secure evidence and analyze all possible avenues of just compensation available to make your case.

Who can be help responsible for a auto-bicycle collision?

Usually, the motorist is the only party held legally responsible in bicycle-automobile accident. However, a personal injury lawyer will examine the individual circumstance to determine whether additional parties may have contributed or share liability in causing the collision, such as the helmet mafacuter, the vehcile manufactuer, a state or local governmental agency, a construction company, of a commerial property owner.

How long do I have to file a bike related injury claim in Houston?

Under Texas Law, a pedalist hit by a car has two years from the date of the collision to obtain a settlement or file an official lawsuit against the at-fault party. If a loved one lost their life in the accident, our lawyers are placed under the same time frame to file a suit for the beneficiaries of the victim.

A loved one died after being hit by a car in Houston, can you help?

If you need to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the motorist or an additionally liable entity, we can help. In these situations, the possible “Plaintiff” under Texas Law includes the victim's spouse, parents or adoptive parents, or children (biological or not). The case brought by our firm represents the estate of the victim, with the beneficiaries being anyone entitled to a portion of the estate through a will, or the laws of the State of Texas.

Do I need a lawyer for my Houston bicycle accident claim?

Yes. Although an attorney isn't required to file a lawsuit or even settle your pedestrian injury claim, in most bicycle accident cases the at-fault driver tells their insurance carrier the pedalist was operating the bike unsafely, failed to look for passing vehicles, or wasn't allowed to ride a bike on the specific roadway. A lawyer experienced at handling bike accidents can force the insurance company to act in accordance with Texas law and work towards securing a proper settlement for your injuries, or enforce your rights in the courtroom.

How much does it cost to hire a bicyle pedestrian accident lawyer?

Free. A personal injury law firm should agree to handle your case on a pure-contingency model, meaning the client pays nothing for the legal services unless the case is successful. At Sneed|Mitchell LLP, our firm also does not charge for consultations, or for additional services such as medical bill negotiation. We also have a 99% success rate and are undefeated in the courtroom, so your bicycle accident case is in skilled and experienced hands with our pedestrian accident team.d hands.




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While you or a loved one are battling injuries, our law firm can fight for your maximum compensation. Niles J. Sneed is an experienced bicycle accident lawyer in Houston who knows the ins and outs of Texas pedestrian law and protects cyclists hit by cars. He can negotiate with insurance companies and build your case while you recover from serious injuries. Contact us online for a free consultation or call us at (866) 434-0014.