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Texas Dog Bite Victim Resources

At Sneed & Mitchell LLP, our experienced litigators and advocates understand the importance of connecting dog bite victims with the right support groups or aid organizations designed to help after these life-altering experience. The recovery of yourself or your loved one can be a lengthy process, but the following groups and non-profit organizations offer information and assistance to often benefits the victim:

  • American Academy of Family Physicians: Prevention and Treatment of Dog Bites - Information on what to do when being a victim of a dog bite, details on treating a disease caused by animals, managing an injury, and to learn the importance on how to steer away from harmful situations with a dog.

  • American Veterinary Medical Association: Public Health Information for Dog Bite Prevention - Analytical data and resources to act in advance of a dog bite injury and attack. They also provide links to videos and informational aids.

  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Dog Bites - Dog bite in-depth statistical analysis and information with the objective of protecting public health and safety through proper animal selection , training, and control. This governmental organization further focuses on the developing and implementing control of diseases.

  • - Offers victim support to children as the administrators of the Courtney Fund in honor of Courtney Temple. This fund aids dog bite victims by funding services not covered by insurance - such as trauma assistance, caregiver support services, support for communication with school and peers while in hospital, and more.

  • Humane Society of the U.S.: How to Avoid a Dog Bite -Tips to minimize the number of injuries to adults and children from dog bites, along with good practices to establish responsible dog ownership.

  • Texas Animal Society - Promotes and supports our local animal shelter to save animals and find the homes they deserve, while at the same time supporting animal safety and welfare.

  • Insurance Information Institute - A useful description of dog bite insurance policy statistics including improvements to the typical dog bite claim payout statistics and how the insurance provider manages the responsibility.

  • Where to Get Dog Owner Liability Insurance - From the Legal blog of Dog Bite Law, an overview of dog owner liability insurance for those whose general homeowners policies do not cover dog bites, and where to access it.

  • Pet Partners: Insurance Coverage - Details on the potential dangers of volunteering your pet for therapy, and how to ensure that you are safe.

  • Humane Society: Dangerous Exotic Pets - General information about exotic animals that are sometimes kept as pets, with summaries of state laws.

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons - A detailed description of children's dog bite injuries and the need for reconstructive microsurgeons to aid in the process of restoration.

  • Breed-Specific Dog Laws, State-by-State - Click on your state to learn more about which dog breeds (if any) are prohibited, such as pit bulls and rottweilers.

  • Texas Humane Legislation Network -THLN is Texas’ only state based animal organization that serves to address unjust animal welfare laws. We at the Texas Humane Legislation Network - a 501c4 - are working to stop animal cruelty and abuse before it starts.

  • ASPCA: Breed-Specific Legislation - Summary of the ASPCA's opposition to breed-specific dog bans, with statistics and alternatives to these laws.

No matter where you were injured across the State of Texas, speak with our Texas dog bite lawyers to learn of your rights and recovery options against the negligent or unsafe pet owner. Attacks from canines often cause debilitating physical damage, such as amputations, scarring & disfigurement, shoulder and arm injuries, and eye injuries and vision loss, while leaving victims with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) and various other forms of pain and suffering. We can help. Contact our dog bite lawyers today at (866)434-0014, or provide us your contact information and a lawyer will call you immediately.

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