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An especially critical consequence of a serious personal injury event is the loss of a fingers, hands, limbs. or eyes. Whether your amputation happened in a trucking crash, construction or machine mishap, maritime accident, or dog bite, the personal injury attorneys at Sneed|Mitchell LLP are ready to help you complete the transition to life after the injury amputation through our outstanding client service.

Our Houston, Austin, and Fort Worth Amputation Injury Lawyers have recovered millions for victims and help throughout Texas. Call us today at (866)434-0014, or fill our contact firm and an expert will call you now.

The Frequency of Amputation Injuries

Amputation--the loss of a limb, eye, hand, or other body part--can sometimes result from serious accidents. The National Limb Loss Information Center estimates that one out of every 200 individuals in the United States has undergone a surgical amputation. Traumatic amputations, however, differ from other surgical amputations as they are the unplanned outcome of severe, accidental injury. At least 30,000 traumatic amputations occur in the US every year.

We Understand The Lasting Costs Of Amputations

Taken on its own, the loss of a limb is devastating. When that loss is added to the incalculable cost of the victim’s anguish, however--along with lost wages, ongoing physical and emotional disability, medical expenses, and an altered sense of self--the cost of an amputation becomes enormous. Even when a victim has the right financial resources in place, limb loss can cost tens of thousands of dollars simply to acquire, without accounting for the grueling physical therapy and long learning process necessary to use such devices, or the work efficiency lost to amputees post-recovery.


The effects of amputation include:


  • Loss of mobility and dexterity

  • Stump and phantom limb pain

  • Infection

  • Fatigue or exhaustion

  • Deep vein thrombosis

  • Body image issues

  • Social isolation


One study found that, on average, amputees faced tens of thousands of dollars in hospital and professional fees alone, without accounting for the costs associated with limb loss. With the cost of purchasing and adapting custom aid devices, the victims’ lifetime expenses reach six figures on average. This estimate accounts only for the costs of treatment and does not include the less easily quantifiable price of prolonged counseling, emotional pain and suffering, career termination, and grief--the understandable result of such a devastating loss.

Psychological Impact of Amputations


The loss of a limb can have a considerable psychological impact. Many amputees report feeling emotions such as grief and bereavement similar to those experienced upon the death of a loved one. Thus, coming to terms with the psychological impact of an amputation is often as important as coping with the physical demands.


Undergoing an amputation can have a considerable psychological impact for three main reasons. Victims must cope with:


  • the loss of sensation from the amputated limb

  • the loss of function from the amputated limb

  • Significant changes in both one’s own body image and others’ perceptions of one’s body


Negative thoughts and emotions are common following an amputation. This is particularly true for those who undergo an emergency amputation, as they do not have an opportunity to mentally prepare for the effects of surgery.


Common negative emotions and thoughts experienced after an amputation include:


  • depression

  • anxiety

  • denial (refusal of steps such physiotherapy necessary for adapting to life with an amputation)

  • grief

  • Suicidal thoughts


People whose amputations followed a traumatic injury (particularly members of the armed forces) also have an increased risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Talking to one’s care team regarding thoughts and feelings is an important part of the recovery process, particularly if these include feelings of depression or suicidal thoughts. Some victims may need additional treatment, such as antidepressants or counseling, in order to improve their ability to cope following an amputation.

Help & Support After The Amputation

The news that an amputation is necessary following an injury can prove devastating and frightening. However, even in the most extreme cases there is hope for a full and fulfilling life following the procedure. Though adjusting to life after an amputation can be challenging, many people manage to enjoy satisfying and joy-filled, though altered, lives.


Clients with such injuries may find it useful to contact a support group for people living with amputations. The Douglas Bader Foundation (DBF) is a useful source of information and advice.

What Are Common Causes of Amputation Accidents?

Our team of nationally recognized attorneys in Texas has achieved a record of significant results in a wide range of injury cases:

Our broad scope of litigation includes the following:

Any accident causing an amputation of an arm, finger, hand, or foot raises questions concerning the adequacy of the victim's training, the employer's supervision and the safety of the machine involved in the injury. Allow our lawyers to fully investigate the matter and obtain your largest recovery possible.

Building Your Personal Injury Case in Texas

Our founders Niles Sneed and Brit Mitchell have spent years creating a network of with highly qualified forensic experts from many fields to develop and present the facts required to prove liability in personal injury cases. Most of our success in achieving million-dollar results for our clients is obtained through our strategic approach to proving how multiple key defendants had a hand in causing you to suffer an amputation, from product manufacturers, to distributors, to suppliers and employers.

To learn more about our experience with recovering compensation on behalf of amputation victims, contact a personal injury lawyer at Sneed|Mitchell LLP in Houston, Austin, and Dallas. Call (866) 434-0014  today.

Contact An Experienced Amputation Injury Lawyer 

While you or a loved one are recovering from the catastrophic injury, our law firm can fight for your maximum compensation. Sneed|Mitchell are experienced amputation injury lawyers who understands Texas personal injury law. We will fortify your case to ensure you're compensation for how the amputation has impacts your life both now and in the future Contact us online for a free consultation or call us at (713) 804-8120.


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