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The vast majority of us take our eyes for granted, without considering the immense value of sight. We give hardly a second thought to our ability to see our loved ones, drive to work, or simply watch television. But an eye injury can result in partial or complete loss of vision, along with a long, painful recovery. Blindness resulting from an eye injury can have a devastating impact on one’s life, affecting one’s ability to work and live independently. 


If you or someone you love sustained eyes injuries or vision loss and another person or entity is liable, we will help. From our law offices in Houston, Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth, our Eye Injury Lawyers help victims across Texas. Speak with a Sneed|Mitchell LLP lawyer now by calling (866)434-0014, or fill out our contact form and lawyer with call you today.

How Our Clients Usually Suffer Eye Injuries

While partial or total blindness is sometimes the result of disease or genetic predisposition, in the state of Texas an eye injury during an accident is far more likely. Because the eyes are both constantly exposed and represent some of the body’s most delicate organs, any trauma to the eye can lead to serious injury. Some of the most common accidents resulting in eye injuries are:



In most, if not all of these instances, someone else may be to blame for your injury and resulting loss of vision.

Common Eye Injury Complications

The human eye is a complex organ. It is made up of many different parts, all of which work together in order to enable vision. When just one of these components is damaged, the functionality of the entire eye is jeopardized. Even minor injuries--a scratch to the cornea, for example--can result in much more serious complications. The cornea is the outermost, transparent layer of the eyeball. It is responsible for protecting the delicate tissues that make up the rest of the eye. Damage to the cornea can leave the entire eye susceptible to infection.


Penetrating injuries are another common eye injury, often occurring during car accidents. They occur when a foreign object enters and damages the eye. Penetrating eye injuries can result in total blindness in the affected eye. 


Total blindness in both eyes can occur after a blow to the back of the head, also common during car accidents. This is because the center of visual procession is located near the rear of the skull. Damage to this area can irreparably disrupt visual processing, causing blindness even though no direct eye injury has occurred.


Chemical burns to the eye are another form of eye injury. Such burns are possible at construction sites, other workplaces, and even schools. A chemical burn causes redness, burning, and a great deal of pain in the eye. They can also permanently damage vision, depending on the chemical causing the injury, along with the length and level of exposure. 


Injuries to the iris, or colored part of the eye, are also possible. The most common iris injury is traumatic inflammation caused by blunt trauma to the eye. Though such inflammation typically resolves itself within a few weeks, during that period infection is a serious risk. Such secondary infections can permanently damage vision. 


Swollen eyelids are a common sign of eye injury following an accident. Blunt trauma to the eyes have caused the eyelids to practically swell shut. Like iritis, swollen eyelids typically heal on their own, but during the healing process there is a significant risk for infection or other complications if the underlying damage to the eye is not properly treated.


Claiming Compensation for an Eye Injury


Depending on the type and severity of the injury, eye injuries can be very costly to treat. Treatment may require eye patches, costly medication, emergency surgery, and comprehensive follow-up therapy. Unless a victim seeks compensation for their avoidable injury, they may be left to pay for these expenses on their own.


When another’s negligence has caused your eye injury, you deserve just compensation. When companies or individuals fail to take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of others, accidents result. If you have suffered as the result of a preventable accident, you can file a personal injury claim against the responsible parties in order to recoup your costs.

Expert Medical Care During Eye Injury Lawsuits

What matters most to our law firm, is that each injury victim receive top-rated medical care and treatment after their injuries. One of the long-term medical treatment options specialists often recommend is vision therapy, meant to rehabilitate a persons visual skills and processing.


This form of treatment uses neurosensory and neuromuscular activities by way of lenses, filters, prisms, optical devises, and even computer programming to aid a person towards one again being able to effectively read, write, track with their eyes, and increase their overall hand-eye coordination. The length of the therapy varies depending on the severity of trauma and how a patient scores on initial testing. 


Research has shown that vision therapy can be an effective treatment option for:

• Ocular motility dysfunctions - eye movement issues
• Binocular disorders - eye teaming problems
• Vision loss

We Use Experts At Trial To Prove How Your Eye Injury Occurred

After a lawsuit is filed following an eye injury, the liable party and their insurance company's hire doctors and nurses that will construct reports to suggest that the accident did not cause your injuries, or that your vision and eye is completely restored to argue that future care isn't needed. We know these game and overcome them by utilizing credible and skilled ophthalmologist and vision experts to review of your medical records and prove a future treatment plan and analysis as to how the eye injury has impacted your life and could impact you moving forward. 


If you suffered an eye injury after an avoidable accident caused by another’s negligence, call Sneed|Mitchell LLP today at (866)434-0014, or fill out our contact form and lawyer with call you now. While financial compensation cannot mat not restore you eye injuries, it can help with the financial burden of the injury now and moving forward. We want to help you get the settlement you deserve and help statewide from our offices in Houston, Austin,  and Fort Worth.


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