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Plaintiff Lawsuit Against Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival (2021) - Negligent Security

Our law firm currently represents clients injured in at Astroworld Festival 2021 after the crowd, which numbered an estimated 50,000, compressed toward the front of the stage and people began to panic and people began to “fall out” and become unconscious. Although the investigation into this disheartening occasion is still unfolding, our team believes that a number of safety violations occurred while allowed the tragedy to occur.

If you were hurt at the Astroworld Festival, the event organizers and their insurance company may be liable and for you or your loved ones injuries, damages, and losses. Consultations with our Negligent Security Lawyers are always free and our staff is available 24 hours a day for your convenience.

Much of us love and enjoy the group of musicians that were present at this years festival. This legal matter is not against them. It is the lesser known event organizers, festival promoters, and third party companies that are charged with the legal responsible to taking all reasonable steps to ensure each concertgoers safety. The requirement to take reasonable steps for safety is called a legal duty. A duty of care arises anytime your actions may hurt someone else. Everyone in society has a duty to act reasonably and carefully when it comes to making sure that the people around them don’t get hurt.

Lawsuit against Travis Scott Astroworld Festival

What Went Wrong At Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival 2021?

At this time, our legal team is receiving hourly updates from concertgoers regarding what occurred, and on information provided by the patrons sees several points of concern.

  1. Our law firm believes that from the very start, the 2021 Astroworld Festival went awry as we reviewed video of crowd rushing through security gates on Friday, hours before the stampede would occur later in the night. It is currently our legal opinion that the festival planners and event organizers should have immediately cancelled the festival due to the hundreds of people that improperly entered the grounds.

  2. Multiple videos reviewed by our law firm don't show there were sufficient access points to streamline the process of entering the grounds. Mounted belt barriers can be used to cleat a clear flow of the audience into proper queues.

  3. It appears that the structure of the grounds was insufficient to contain the number of concertgoers present during Travis Scott and Drake's performance Friday night. Oftentimes, a venue is improper if the headcount exceeds what could be considered a "safe layout".

  4. Early indications show that proper crowd control barricades were not present and could have prevented people from the back of the venue in being able to reach the front.

  5. Concerts can also have evacuation procedures to prevent additional injuries once a stampede begins. At this time, no crowd management protocols were in place.

As information continues to pour in, our legal opinions could change the scope of the lawsuit. Inadequate risk management is a serious concern. When safety protocols are violated or not concerts proceed without considering proper festival management and crowed management, it exposes patron to significant harm.

How We Investigate Possible Lawsuits Against Event Organizers

At Sneed & Mitchell, the repeated and unprecedented success we have achieved for our clients is due to our swift, aggressive, and meticulous case investigation. The outcome of your legal matter is largely depend on an attorney engaging in the following actions;

  • Send Letters of Evidence Preservation to all companies involved

  • Investigate the scene with reconstructionist experts

  • Request all surveillance footage of the event

  • Request all event planning documents

  • Understand how the injury occurred

Sneed & Mitchell LLP works on a contingency basis, which means you pay nothing for our services until we successfully resolve your case. If, for some reason, we are unable to secure a favorable settlement or verdict, you will owe us nothing.

Who Is Responsible For The Casualties At Astroworld Festival?

Our law firm makes sure that all applicable parties are held legally responsible for your losses. As many are aware, in most cases the artist or presenter at a festival or concert is not the proper Defendant to the lawsuit. Instead, many other different partier may have caused or contributed in causing your injuries, which includes;

Common parties in a negligent security lawsuit:

  • The property owner

  • The property manager or operator

  • Security professionals

  • Security contractors or service providers

  • Third parties

At Sneed & Mitchell, our team of experienced negligent security lawyers throughout investigate each concert event to determine who is liable for your injuries. You can rely on our extensive knowledge to establish your right to compensation for how the event has impacted your life both now, and in moving forward.

Types Of Compensation Available To Concert Victims

Being hurt at a concert like the Astroworld Festival entitles you to seek the array of damages made possible in a personal injury case, or wrongful death claim in loss of life situations. Under Texas Law, a Plaintiff is able to seek compensation for all economic and non-economic damages, which together include the following;

  • loss earnings

  • loss of future earnings

  • medical treatment costs

  • future medical care needs

  • household expenses

  • pain and suffering

  • mental anguish

  • loss of consortium or companionship

  • loss of financial contribution

  • loss of services and support, and

  • loss of companionship and consortium

  • survivorship benefits

  • funeral expenses

The company or companies liable to allowing the stampede to occur and several other safety violation to exist are likely on the hook for either some or all of your award of compensation. Although new information is being obtained by the hour, what is important is that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

Common Injuries In Concert & Festival Stampedes

Unfortunately, concert surges and stampedes can cause serious injuries as well as fatalities. Some of the injuries that victims sustain includes:

In some cases, victims will suffer the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from being a victim of a serious crime such as:

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Sleeplessness

  • Flashbacks

  • Panic attacks

  • Fear of being in crowded areas

  • Withdrawal from friends and family

In you are interested in pursuing a lawsuit against Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival, contact our law firm today. The legal professionals of Sneed & Mitchell are currently investigating this matter around the clock and are ready to discuss your legal rights and recovery options.

Lawsuit Against Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival

If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries at Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival and wish to learn more about a lawsuit against the liable entities, contact Sneed & Mitchell today. At this time, we believe that safety protocols were violated. Share your experience with our Negligent Security Lawyers and learn how we can assist you moving forward. As always, consultations with Sneed & Mitchell are completely free.


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