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We are proud to say that our firm has earned a reputation for excellence and consistently successful outcomes. We can help. 

Our Texas broken bones and fractures injury attorneys have been pursuing justice for catastrophically injured people for decades. Beyond our awarded trial lawyers, our team includes case experts and medical professionals that understand the types of treatment different fracture injuries require and provide the knowledge needed to strengthen your claim.  


Our founders Niles Sneed and Brit Mitchell both comes from medical backgrounds and created Sneed|Mitchell LLP to focus on serious injuries. Whether your bone break requires simple casting, or installation of rods, plates, screws, or other hardware, you need legal counsel that understands the pain associated with bone breaks and the costs and treatment you may require moving forward. 

If you suffered a broken bone, fracture, or another orthopedic injury, speak to a Texas catastrophic injury attorney at Sneed|Mitchell LLP today by calling (866)434-0014. Bone breaks and fractures cause victims immense pain and suffering, along with costly medical care, we can help. As always, consultations are free and we charge no fees until we are victories. 


The Cost of Broken Bones Injuries in Texas

Broken bones can be costly. The average cost of a broken arm in the United States that does not require surgery is about $2,500. Using the guidance of, a surgery with insurance assistance can easily cost above $10,000, with complex surgeries costing between $10,000 and $50,000. 

Oftentimes, our clients that suffer comminuted fractures or crush injuries require multiple surgeries and overnight stay at a Texas emergency facility, which adds additional costs of around $10,000-$15,000, each day, which in additional to treatment costs can create a bill that exceeds $100,000. 

If another person is responsible for your bone related injuries, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you win the compensation you deserve. Some of the expenses that can be covered under damages include:

  • Emergency transport to hospital

  • X-ray and CT-Scans

  • Surgery

  • Rehabilitative Care

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy

  • Medical Devices

After suffering a broken bone or fracture here in Texas, you need experienced legal counsel that understands your treatment and rehabilitation needs. Clients trust the catastrophic injury lawyers of Sneed|Mitchell LLP to provide personalized and sophisticated legal services, and we are proud to provide consistent, professional excellence and successful results for our clients.

Call or reach us online now to learn more about we are designed for your success. We will review your case in a free consultation.

How Texas Lawyers Prove Liability In Injury Cases

In Texas, as soon as an insurance company learns that a person suffered a broken bone or fracture that could expose their client to legal liability, the insurance adjusters begin crafting arguments to show that the victim contributed to causing his or her own injuries. This is because Texas uses a modified form of comparative negligence (also known as "proportionate responsibility" in Texas. This means that if the Defense can show the victim was 51% liable in causing their own injuries, the Plaintiff loses. 


An experienced personal injury understands the principles of negligence, collateral negligence, comparative negligence, and contributory negligence and can prove that the at-fault individual, store, company, or entity had a duty to act in a way that minimizes risks and the chances of causing harm to individuals.  


At Sneed|Mitchell LLP, our bone and fracture lawyers understand safety ordinances, motorist safety laws, federal compliance standards, OSHA protections and construction requirements, and use this knowledge to prove liability in cases where our clients experienced broken bones. 

Common Causes of Broken Bones And Fractures 

A broken bone is one of the most common results of many types of personal injury accidents here in Texas. Some of the most common accidents resulting in broken bones include:

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Offshore Injuries

  • Military Base Injuries

  • Uber & Lyft Collisions

  • Trucking Crashes

  • Construction Injuries

  • Child Injury Situations

  • Dog Bite & Animal Attacks

  • Slip and Fall Accidents

  • Apartment & Hotel Injuries

  • Aviation Accidents


Our personal injury lawyers investigate cases carefully to ensure you the greatest chance at an optimal recovery. More than just simple accident claims, we aim to bring suits against even the manufacturer, distributor, and governmental units. Your full recovery is in the best hands, with us.

What Do To After Suffering A Serious Injury 

It's natural to feel anger, confusion and even helplessness after suffering broken bones due to another person's negligence. But if possible, performing the following steps can aid in protecting both your health and personal injury claim against the at-fault individual, company, or entity: 

  1. Dial 911. Contact the police as soon as possible. The responding officer performs an investigation that includes collecting witness statements, documents and surveillance becomes key evidence when determining liability in your claim.

  2. Try To Remain Still. Movement of an area of the body that could have broken bones or fractures can aggravate existing. If possible, wait for ambulatory aid before moving in your feel intense pain, discomfort, or see any visual obstructions under the skin. 

  3. Get Medical AttentionBroken bones often includes tendon tears, ligament damage, and even internal bleeding, which require emergency assistance from medical professionals. 

  4. Collect Contact Information. Only if possible, ask someone to collect the names and contact information of anyone at the scene who could have witnessed the accident. 

  5. Photograph The Scene. In most skeletal injury cases victims are unable to take pictures of the scene. But in the rare case that this is possible, capturing the circumstance that contributed to your accident will aid your attorney in handling litigating your case. 

  6. Get an incident report report. A witness, friend, or family member at the scene can ask for an incident report if the injury occurred in within a business establishment. Obtaining this documentation time stamps where the injury occurred. 

  7. Do not admit fault. If you are unsure whether or not you contributed to your own injuries, do not admit fault. Accident victims do not often understand the many types of contributory negligence and how another party could and should have helped prevent the injury from happening. 

  8. Do Not Provide A Recorded Statement. After a serious injury, insurance adjusters quickly contact the victim to collect details. You need a lawyer with you during these conversation to protect your claim. 

  9. Keep a journal. Write down all of the details that you remember, along with how your injuries and complications change over time. These details become important during the litigation process.  

  10. Secure Legal CounselSeek out the expertise and of a personal injury law firm accustomed to handling complex bone and fracture injury claims. 


Following the above tips help to lessen the concerns and anxiety after experiencing a serious injury. Our team is available 24 hours a day, and everyday to assist you or your family with any questions or concerns you may have. 


When you hire a lawyer experienced with handling fracture, breaks, and orthopedic injuries, you ensure yourself the chance to recover all full compensation, which includes special damages and even punitive. Our personal injury lawyers are committed to fighting for the rights of victims and securing each damage category:



After experiencing a bone break or fracture, you need to secure an attorney as quickly as possible. Evidence begins to fade after an accident and an experienced lawyer is needed to obtain all of the necessary information to strengthen your claim. Obtaining maximum compensation for clients also requires obtaining and securing evidence in its best form and before memories begin to fade or documents get erased. 



Broken Bones Fractures Caused by Car Accidents

When it comes to automotive accidents, speed is a major factor. Higher speeds correlate with more severe injuries especially when the victim is a pedestrian, jogger, bicyclists, or child. Sudden declaration and/or jarring impacts can cause extensive damage, even at lower speeds. Broken bones are extremely common. A person can suffer a fracture in many ways, including:

  • Making impact with the ground after being thrown from a motorcycle. Cyclists can also fracture or shatter bones when a body part is caught between two objects.

  • Crushing impacts with commercial vehicles. Truck accidents often result in severe and catastrophic injuries. The difference in mass between a commercial and passenger vehicle is often devastating for the occupants of the latter.

  • Flying from a vehicle following a collision. When a victim is not wearing a seatbelt, he or she may be thrown from from the vehicle following a high-speed collusion or a rollover. Fractures are common in such situations, in addition to lacerations and severe internal injuries.

  • Impacting an object during an auto accident. Passengers often throw their hands in front of their faces in self-defense. This behavior can result in broken fingers, hands, and wrists. 

A study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information published January 1, 2020, found that of the number of road traffic accidents victims requiring hospitalization the most commonly fractures bone in a car accident is the femur, followed by the humorous, spine, and then scapula.

When representing clients that suffered broken bones in an auto accident, a lawyer must understand right-of-way laws, The Texas Transportation Code, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety . The personal injury lawyers of Sneed|Mitchell LLP have a meticulous understanding of the many rules the at-fault driver could have violated in causing your accident. 

Broken Bones in Fall Injuries

The Center of Disease Control (CDC) provides that one out of every five falls cause a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury. Falls, which include slip and falls, trip and falls, or elevation falls result in more than 2.8 million injuries every year, including over 800,000 hospitalizations and more than 27,000 fatalities.

During a slip-and-fall accident, something causes the victim to lose balance and fall. Snow, ice, water, cleaning solutions, defective surfaces or stairs, or uneven sidewalk sections can all cause slip-and-fall accidents resulting in skeletal fractures. Similarly, in a trip-and-fall accident the victim trips over an object and then falls. Such accidents arise from poorly placed or maintained rugs or mats, defective curbs or stairwells, or foreign objects placed in walkways. 

Victims often put out their arms instinctively in order to break their fall. It is a reflex that can help lessen the severity of overall injuries, but often it can lead to a fractured arm. Fractured hips are also common following falls. Though popularly associated with elderly victims, broken hips are common injuries for all populations. The hip is a delicate, easily injured area, especially if the victim lands on his or her hip.

Broken Bones on Construction Sites

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries for workers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as more that 4,000 workers died on construction sites in 2020. Our lawyers understand the inherent danger associated with construction site and industrial labor and hold companies, contractors, and third parties liable for injuries suffered by our clients. 

Proving that a company was negligent in these injuries isn’t always simply, but investigations unearth details that show a company violated fall protection procedures, hazard communication standards, scaffolding requirements, hazardous energy control, and machinery and tooling guarding rules, any of which cause our client to suffer serious skeletal injuries.

Construction workers injured on the job may have more than one legal avenue to financial recovery for their injuries. Typically, the potential for recovery depends on either who was at fault for the accident or who was involved.

After experiencing broken bones on a construction site in Texas the employer normally treats a client overly nice in an attempt to dissuade them from seeking legal assistance, don’t be fooled by this, and don’t sign any paperwork without consulting with any attorney. The more serious the breaks, fractures, and recovery process, the more a company should have to pay you, it is truly that simple. 

The Most Commonly Broken Bones

The clavicle, or collarbone, is one of the most vulnerable, and thus one of the most commonly broken, bones in the human body. Regardless of a victim’s age, the length and location of the clavicle leaves is vulnerable to injury. 

After the clavicle, the second most commonly broken bones are the long bones of the leg, such as the femur and tibia. Because these large bones are central to a human being’s daily functioning, these breaks also cause some of the most devastating outcomes. 

A person’s risk of breaking certain bones changes as they age. For example, for young people the wrist is the most common site of a break. For older people, however, the hip is the most common kind of fracture.

Medical Treatment of Fractured or Broken Bones in Texas

Typically, the severity of a fracture depends on the force that caused the break. A bone may crack or fracture rather than breaking all of the way through. At the other extreme, incredibly forceful impacts such as those produced by an automobile crash or a gunshot may cause a bone to shatter. 


There are seven primary types of fractures:


  • Compound fracture/Open fracture: A compound or open fracture is the combination of a broken bone and an open wound. It occurs when the bone breaks completely and pierces the skin, or the initial trauma creates an open wound.

  • Impacted/Buckle fracture: An impacted or buckle fracture occurs when the broken bones are driven into each other.

  • Comminuted fracture: A comminuted fracture occurs when the bone splits into three or more pieces.

  • Greenstick fracture: A greenstick fracture is caused when the bone is bent by the impact, but not broken through. Such fractures are the most common in children as young bones tend to be more flexible.

  • Stress fracture: Stress fractures are fractures caused by overuse. They are a common workplace injury.

  • Stable fracture: A stable fracture occurs when the broken ends of the bone line up and keep the break stable.

  • Femur fracture: A femur fracture is a break in the thighbone. As it is the longest bone in the human body, the femur can only be broken after the application of considerable force. A broken femur is a common injury incurred during car accidents.


All of these common fractures can be treated through the realignment and immobilization of broken bones using a cast, splint, or brace, depending on the type and severity of the break. Casts are typically removed within six to eight weeks. Patients usually regain full uses of their injured body part with time and, sometimes, physical therapy. 


More serious fractures may require the surgical insertion of rods, pins and screws under the skin--internal fixation--in order to hold the broken bones together while they heal. External fixation--pins and screws outside of the skin--hold the bones in place prior to surgery. 


Severe or multiple fractures may require that a victim be put into a system of weights known as traction that slowly realigns broken bones. 


Other surgical interventions may also be necessary. A broken hip, for example, almost always requires surgery, including the  implantation of a full or partial artificial hip. Many patients move to nursing homes or rehab centers after a week in the hospital. According to the CDC, one out of five hip fracture patients of all ages dies within a year of the injury.

Contact A Experienced Texas Broken Bone and Fracture Injury Lawyers 

At Sneed|Mitchell LLP - The Injury Team, our personal injury lawyers will work with you to help you get the medical treatment and follow-up care you need while ensuring that you receive maximum compensation for what you experienced. 

Our lawyers have a record of success on behalf of clients who have suffered broken bones and fractures, cracked bones, and broken legs, hands, shoulders and feet. Broken bones require extensive and costly medical treatment, we ensure that you obtain the award necessary to restore your life. 

For a free consultation with an experienced Texas broken bones and fractures injury attorney, contact us by calling 844-434-0014. Most of our cases are handled on a contingency basis, which means that you will not owe us attorney's fees unless your case. 

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