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Sneed|Mitchell LLP more than a law firm - we are relentless and creative personal injury strategists. If you are injured and believe another person or entity is at-fault,  our unrivaled litigators will help every step of the way. BBB Trusted and Accredited. We put you and the success of your case at the top of our to-do list. 


We Focus On Your Complete Impact

After an injury, it is extremely important to retain a Texas personal injury lawyer with a medical understanding of the complications you are experiencing. Our clients win millions in settlements and verdicts because Niles Sneed and Brit Mitchell have specialized knowledge of every conditions and its treatment plan, including: 

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We fight fire with fire. These days, as soon as big corporations learns that they could be exposed to legal liability, they retain a team of lawyers and look for any reason to deny compensation and make the case too expensive for the victims to pursue. You need justice. 


Sneed|Mitchell LLP not only has experience winning against that largest national and multi-national corporates organizations, but we also invest a level of resources that let the Defense know we'll be supporting you until you win. Results matter, so who you hire as your Texas personal injury lawyer matters even more. 


The Injury Team - Texas Trial Lawyers With A Reputation You Can Trust

The Injury Team® are the Texas personal injury attorneys people call to protect their financial future after a serious accident. Our lawyers are currently representing numerous concertgoers injured at Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival. We handle the stories covered in local news. From offshore and industrial incidents to serious car accidents and trucking accidents cases, we're with you. Medical professionals can heal some of the wounds a victim sustains, but we address the long-term physical, financial and emotional injuries and ensure that your settlement includes the maximum compensation amount possible under Texas Law

When you work with Sneed & Mitchell LLP, you benefit from the experience, reputation, and resources of an award-winning Texas trial firm that has secures millions of dollars for our clients in verdicts and settlements. Since our inception, Texans have trusted us with investigating and litigating some of the most complex and for catastrophic injury victims. Many peers are clients rank us The Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Texas. From our offices in Houston, Austin, Fort Worth, and Dallas, our reputable team assists in every city across our State. 



5 / 5 Stars

"Before, the company doctors that they were taking me to go see—I felt like they didn’t really have my best interests, they were kind of guessing. But through The Injury Team, I got to see specialists—people who were more in-depth than some of the other doctors and how they were treating me."


We recover millions every year on behalf of our clients and have demonstrated that even when a situation is daunting, our team will always go the distance. 

You Deserve What Our Team Provides:

You'll Only Speak With Lawyers From Starts To Finish 

We Have A Statewide Medical Network For  Your Care & Treatment

Our Lawyers Have Been Victorious Against The Largest Companies

Available 24/7 and Year Round To Assist You

Millions Recovered For Each Year For The Clients We Help

Our firm's policy

is simple: Treat

each injury claim,

regardless of the size,

as if it is our most

important case.

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Settling Your Personal Injury Claim


After an accident here in Texas, insurance companies like GEICO, Progressive, USAA and others know the injured victim is in a vulnerable position, which is why insurance adjusters are trained to act as sweet while quickly moving to prematurely close or lessen the value of your claim. Some of the bad faith tactics adjusters use includes; taking statements from victims while they are suffering the physical effects of their injuries, attempting to settle before treatment is finished, denying rental vehicles, and lying about coverage information. Don't let this happen to you, our Team can ensure you receive each entitled benefit while fighting for your maximum compensation. 


Helping Restore Lives Everyday

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Krystal Smart

"Sneed|Mitchell Law Firm was the best decision I could have ever made." 

Candis Parish

"If you're looking for an amazing firm that cares about you as a person, give them a call." 

Tiffany Wallace

"Their office is amazing and they took care of everything for me!" 

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We work this way because we believe every client should access to exceptional legal representation, regardless of their financial situation. You only pay us if we obtain a financial settlement or verdict for you. Win or pay nothing - it's that simple. Speak with our Texas personal injury lawyers today and learn of your legal rights and compensation options. 


And Always Have.

A History of Championing For People


Our reputation of excellence comes from our pride in illuminating your story, and we've mastered this. From helping offshore workers to day laborers, from pedestrians and bicyclists to dog attack victims and children, we proudly advocate for all. Let us help you recover your life and focus on healing instead of financial worries. Place your case in proven hands. 


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Within 10 minutes you'll receive a call from the lawyer to ask further questions and discuss your options. 

We will determine, together with you, what makes sense for the next step for you and your family to take.

A Lawyer of The Injury Team will immediately  review the message.


How do I recover lost wages and lost income?

We fight to ensure you recover each type of economic loss suffered after an accident, including any lost wages and lost income. Some of the types of lost income claims include, base pay, overtime, sick days, vacation days, bonus days, bonuses and commissions, and retirement fund contributions. At Sneed|Mitchell LLP - The Injury Team, we are proud to have a track record of successful cases in ensuring each client is fully compensated for their economic losses.

If you suffered lost wages and need a Texas personal injury lawyer to review your claim, call us. We can help. From our offices in Houston, Austin, and Fort Worth, we help victims of accidents Statewide and can inform you of your rights and legal options of recovery today.

What are my legal rights as a Texas accident victim?

If another person of a commercial company caused you to suffer personal injuries, you have a right to make a personal injury claim. If you meet the burden of proof, you're entitled to receive monetary compensation for how the accident has impacted your life. Many times, once a licensed Texas personal injury lawyer files a demand, conducts depositions of key witnesses, the Defendant or their insurance carrier calls attempting to settle. Your lawyer should never accept any sum without first relaying the offer to their client and educating you on additional possibilities.

How do you prove another person was negligent or reckless?

One of the keys to our consistent track-record of success is our style of case investigation. Some examples of how we show the at-fault contribulated in causing your injuries includes requesting the at-fault party's electronic data, call logs, text messages, or forcing a company to provide all safety records, camera footage, or black box information. Some cases require our trial lawyers to request thousands of documents, and key evidence is sometimes found one a single page.

Can your firm help me obtain medical treatment?

Yes. Our number one priority is to ensure each of our clients recover and get back to health. To ensure we are able to assist you, our law firm created a Statewide medical network of orthopedics, neurologist, podiatrists, physical therapist, psychologists, and more to so that you can obtain medical treatment for your personal injuries and not have to pay for it while your case in ongoing. When hiring a Texas personal injury attorney, you should always ask about receiving medical treatment through their law firm so that you don't hire a law firm that cannot help you physically recover from your injuries. Our personal injury and accident lawyers care about our clients and their full medical recovery.

Can your firm assist with catastrophic accidents and wrongful death cases?

Yes. Our team of nationally recognized attorneys in Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio and can assist you and your family today, no matter where the injury or wrongful death accident occurred in Texas. We also have a record of significant results in a wide range of catastrophic injuries and have a medical understanding of your physical complication.

At Sneed|Mitchell LLP, our Texas personal injury lawyers understand the expensive treatment recovery plans and life-altering hardships brought on when serious injuries occur and can navigate the legal complexities so that you and your family recover all that is needed to help restore your life. Whether you or your loved one were hurt in a maritime or offshore accident, at an industrial plant, in a commercial truck crash, serious fall accidents, explosion, or any other form of catastrophic event, we can help.

If you were injured in Texas and need a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer to assist you, call Sneed|Mitchell LLP today. With aggressive and sophisticated legal services, our lawyers are proud to provide consistent, professional excellence and successful results for our clients. Read about our Texas victories and extensive trial work to see why our team is always the best option.

When should I hire a personal injury lawyer from Sneed|Mitchell LLP?

You should hire, or atleast consult with, one of our personal injury lawyers the moment you believe you could have a legal claim of recovery. The Sneed|Mitchell Law Firm is proud of our decades of combined experience and record-settling results and accolades from peer-review ranking associations. For our team of personal injury attorneys, Texas represents our home and our community. Our team is actively involved in the community, offers scholarships to both high school and university students, along with free sober cab rides on holidays and for special events each year. We provide each client with compassionate, aggressive, and hard-hitting legal representation and continue fighting until our clients receive the maximum extent of damages recoverable under the law. Our attorneys also value transparency so that you understand why our attorneys are strategizing in certain ways specific to your case. Consultations with our lawyers are always free, and there is never an obligation to use our services. Before you speak with an insurance adjuster, secure free consultations with us so that no mistakes are made. You can contact the attorney over your case directly when you need to, 24 hours a day. If our Texas Personal Injury Lawyers take your case, we expect to win and to the largest degree possible. Beyond our overall 99% success rate and being undefeated in the courtroom, we obtain noteworthy outcomes through sharp legal strategies and never treating clients like a number. In fact, we never accept more than 15 cases at any time so that our clients always receive the attention, prioritization, and resources their caes deserves. When you are facing an uphill legal battle, this is the kind of advocacy you want. ​​​​​​

Does your firm handle Texas trucking and 18 Wheeler accident claims?

Yes. If you were hit by a truck driver in Texas who violated regulations or otherwise acted negligently, you have rights. At Sneed|Mitchell LLP, our truck accident lawyers can pursue the level of compensation that you deserve. If you need a truck accident lawyer in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, or elsewhere throughout the State of Texas, we are the best option. We encourage truck and 18 Wheeler accident victims and families to reach out to our experienced team as soon as possible after being hit by a big rig or tractor trailer. We can help review your case and begin the evidence chase as soon as possible to obtain the related safety records, black box information, accident report, driving records, and maintenance logs related to the large truck. These details are needed to fight for the maximum because. Any Federal and State laws the driver or company violation must be shown to hold the at-fault entities fully accountable.

What are the most common types of personal injury cases in Texas?

Car accidents are the most common form of personal injury in Texas, which makes sense considering Texas leads the nation in both the rate of auto accidents and auto accident fatalities. Here in Texas there are also a wide variety of injury accidents, many of which occur to our offshore maritime employees and Jones Act Seamen.

Some of the most common types of cases we see include:
  • Trucking accidents
  • Maritime & offshore injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Premises liability
  • Product liability
  • Cruise ship accidents, and
  • Railroad injuries.
In addition to these types of accident cases, our personal injury attorneys also assist Texans with motorcycle accidents, dog attack cases, slip and falls, elderly abuse, child injuries, and more. If a loved one lost their life in an accident due to another person or company's negligent or reckless actions, we can also assist in filing a wrongful death claim.

Contact us today to speak with an experienced trial lawyer. We will inform you of your legal options and also inform you of how long you have to take legal action under the Texas statute of limitations.

Who is Texas Best Personal Injury Lawyer?

Who Texas best personal injury lawyer is depends on who you ask, but clients, along with many fellow lawyers and judges consider us Texas Best serious accident and injury litigators. But, while who the best is can be a hotly contested debate, finding the best attorney to handle your case depends on a few important and personal considerations:

  1. You should consider the nature of your accident. Hire an attorney who has experience in the personal injury field related to your accident. Whether you had an auto accident, offshore injury, trucking accident, or any other form, look for an attorney that only practices personal injury and lists that type of accident under their specialities.
  2. Review the firm's record of successful settlements and verdicts. When asking, also question what types of case experts (reconstructionists, engineers, doctors, etc) they hired to litigate the case. You also always want an attorney that has tried cases to verdict, not just a law firm that settles when things get difficult.
  3. Review the client testimonials videos. Don't stop at Google reviews, because some businesses use marketing firms to obtain those, actually listen to the words of previous clients and how their experience was with the law firm.
  4. Talk directly with whatever potential attorney you are considering hiring. Websites can be flashy, and many law firms try to have clients sign their engagement paperwork before speaking with a legal professional. This isn't right. You need to speak with the attorney to truly understand their knowledge, capabilities, resources, and how much they care about you and your experience.
  5. The Best attorney is the one who makes you feel most comfortable about the litigation process and your options moving forward.
Find an attorney you connect with and whom you feel you can trust to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

How do I determine the value of my claim?

To calculate the possible settlement or litigation value of your personal injury claim, one of our attorneys will identify all of the physical, emotional, and financial damages experienced as a result of your accident.

You may have the legal right to pursue damages for some or all of the following items:
  • Emergency assistance
  • Physician and surgical costs,
  • X-rays and medical imaging bills,
  • Hospital stays,
  • Medications
  • Assistive devices,
  • Physical rehabilitation,
  • Occupational rehab,
  • Mental health treatment,
  • In-home care and assistance,
  • Lost wages,
  • Personal property damage,
  • Emotional trauma, and
  • Pain and suffering.
Depending on the extent of your injury and how you're impact moving, any settlement or verdict could also include some or all of the following forms of compensation:
  • Loss economic earning capacity,
  • Loss of enjoyment,
  • Disfigurement,
  • Scarring
  • Future medical treatments, and
  • Future losses in compensation schedules.
Although Texans often ask about the average personal injury settlement for a type of claim. The question is impossible to correctly answer without details that only you can provide us. Every case is unique and every story different. To obtain the best estimate of your claim’s value, contact a personal injury attorney at the Sneed|Mitchell law firm today.

Will my case have to go to trial?

Most likely, no. The significant portion of our cases settle before going to court. But, it is important to know that we are results-driven and endure that any settlement includes each possible form our compensation our clients are entitled to. We don't take negotiations lightly and investigate every case to force full accountability. If not, the Defense will know that we've collected the evidence necessary to obtain a high - and maybe record-setting - verdict in a Texas courtroom. With this approach, insurance companies see the value in taking out offers seriously. Here at the Sneed|Mitchell Law Firm, we have an advantage. We hire Texas leading case experts to support our clients' claims. Not only do our case experts strike fear in the defense, case experts also have an insider’s perspective that other firms might lack. With our firm, you're in good hands, and we value where you want the case to end. At any point during our fight, you can let us know that you'd like to accept the current offer and settle your claim.


Enter our scholarship contest! Here at Sneed & Mitchell, our personal injury lawyers know the value of education and want to help students fund their the cost of attaining their undergraduate or graduate degree. Our scholarships are awarded twice a year, so students can apply at anytime! Apply today!