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Brain injuries are serious, debilitating, and deadly head injuries and refer to any injuries that harm the skull, scalp or brain. In many personal injury events the head is the most injured body part, necessitating extensive medical treatment costs and rehabilitation timelines. When you or a loved one suffers a traumatic brain injury anywhere in Greater Houston, turn to the experienced personal injury attorneys of Sneed|Mitchell LLP. 

If you or a loved one suffered a brain injury as the result of another's negligence or unsafe actions, our skilled Houston Brain Injury Attorneys can help. Niles Sneed is a Houston Concussion Injury Lawyer and understands the case long-lasting effects caused by these injuries. Niles will work to ensure you receive full compensation, which often includes coverage of the extensive treatment and escalating medical bills. 

At Sneed|Mitchell LLP, we put our clients first by providing excellent legal representation and personalized service when handling all brain and head injury cases. Our law firm and its serious injury attorneys are recognized throughout Texas and the nation for unparalleled results.

How Does A Personal Recover From A Brain Injury? 

In traumatic brain injury litigation, the issues often center on the specific nature, extent, and duration of the victim's injuries. While the fact of a severe injury and the liability of a particular defendant might be well beyond dispute, the question of damages is frequently subject to intense dispute and litigation.

If you or a member of your family has suffered a severe injury to the head, there will likely be a legal battle to determine the compensation you need to cover the medical, emotional and financial costs of your injury.

Brain injuries can be difficult to diagnose, and arguing these cases is often a complex task, but at The Injury Team, we have experience in these types of claims and a history of success. From calling witnesses who are experts in neurology and psychiatry, along with economists and life planners who can explain the long-term costs of an injury, we are prepared to make your case clear.

Recovering from a brain injury also includes securing the proper medical attention for your related injuries may include, whiplashbroken bonescrush injuries, amputationseye injuries and vision loss, spinal cord injuries, paralysisbreast implant injury, and more. 

How Consistent Are Brain Injury Accidents?

According to the Center of Disease Control, (CDC), at least 1.7 million people suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) every year and an estimated 13.5 million people live with disabilities due to TBI's. Approximately three out of four of are considered "mild" forms of TBI, such as concussions.

Here In Houston, Texas, common incidents that cause brain injuries include: 

TBI cases are very expensive for victims and their families. In 2000, medical expenses, lost productivity costs, and other expenditures associated with head injuries in the United States totaled about $76.5 billion.

How Can A Personal Recover From A Brain Injury? 

Houston Based Providing Statewide Assistance

Most brain injury survivors say they want their old lives back. However, for those who have suffered a brain injury (as well as their loved ones), getting back to their old lives can often be impossible. One man, whose son suffered traumatic brain injury in 1987, described the recovery as going "back to childhood" when he talked about some of the tasks he had to perform for his son, like changing his diaper and helping him in the shower.

Many brain injury survivors and their loved ones struggle most with the lack of information on how to cope with the condition, and what steps are necessary to begin rebuilding their lives. One man claimed that, as soon as he left rehab, he felt like he was completely on his own. Brain injuries can change the lives of caregivers just as much as the people they care for. Assisting a loved one with a traumatic brain injury can quickly become a full time job, putting a hold on a marriage or career, or even going as far as to impact family dynamics.

Most survivors of brain injury recognize recovery as a lifelong journey. You may need to learn to crawl again, move on to using a wheelchair, and then retrain countless physical functions most of us take for granted. While physical therapy is helpful, true recovery from a brain injury can take years and cost thousands of dollars.

How Does Oxygen Deprivation Cause This Condition?


Any time that the flow of blood or oxygen to the brain is interrupted for any reason, damage can result, leading to a loss of cognitive, sensory or motor function. Any such brain damage attributable to a non-traumatic cause is known as acquired brain injury.

The most common causes of acquired brain injury are various forms of asphyxiation, inadequate oxygen to the tissue, or oxygen deprivation to a single area of the body due to a problem with blood circulation or to a lack of access to air.

How Will A Houston Brain Injury Lawyer Help Me?

When you contact Sneed|Mitchell LLP about your case, you will speak directly with an experienced and compassionate Houston Brain Injury Lawyer who will listen closely, answer your questions and explain your rights and options as you move forward. If we agree to work together, our legal team will launch an immediate investigation of your case to determine why your brain injury occurred and who should be held responsible for it. Our Houston clients cases normally require us to also consult with a knowledgeable safety engineer or accident reconstruction experts which helps to strength your claim. ​

If you need a Houston Brain Injury Lawyer, call Niles Sneed. Niles is experienced at handling  traumatic brain injuries (TBI), along with skull fractures, diffuse axonal injuries, concussions, and brain stem injuries. Remember, you are not alone, 1.7 million Americans suffer these injuries and over 70,000 endure long-term injuries as a result. Contact us today to see how we can assist you and your family. 

What Are The Signs and Symptoms of Head Trauma?

Depending on the length of time of oxygen deprivation, the extent of the acquired brain injury can be very severe and permanent. According to the Mayo Clinic Symptoms can range from persistent headaches to profound coma. Among the particular problems that a victim of acquired brain injury might encounter are:

  • Loss of memory

  • Deteriorated motor skills

  • Changes in temperament or behavior

  • Loss of the capacity to taste or smell

  • Problems with sleep or appetite

  • Inability to concentrate

  • Difficulty finding words

At Sneed|Mitchell LLP we focus on the injury. Many law firms secure lower clients settlements because they think "how the injury happened" is paramount, it isn't. Our Texas Concussion Injury lawyers know a client head trauma is the most critical aspect of the case and requires the most focus, energy, and firm resources. 

New Research On Head Trauma

A new study indicates the symptoms of a brain injury may subside far before it becomes safe to resume activities. The study suggests that brain injury recovery should be considered to come in two modes.

  • The first mode of concussion recovery involves the memory, thinking, and behavioral symptoms

  • The second mode involves the physiological condition of the brain

The study could lead to important changes to the recovery timeline following any brain injury, even those considered "mild." The research used specialized MRI brain scans using a different technique from typical brain scans to identify ongoing brain abnormalities.

A traditional CT or MRI often does not show the small changes in brain physiology and function described in the study. The study author said that lack of evidence may drive an inaccurate perception that "any persistent symptoms are psychological." A patient suffering real brain damage may be pushed back into action or have his or her symptoms ignored based on inadequate testing.

The study provides some evidence that the elevated risk of a second brain injury may persist for months after the symptoms of a first injury disappear. Athletes who return to play a matter of weeks after a head trauma may be in significant danger if a second injury occurs. More research is necessary to determine the proper course of treatment and recovery for those who have suffered concussions.

How Our Attorneys Use Industry Experts To Aid Your Case

Our ability to effectively use expert witness in the courtroom has led to our clients receiving many multi-million dollar verdicts.


Brain injuries cause post-concussive syndrome and require use of neurologists and neurosurgeons to aid in proving how the defendant's negligent conduct caused our clients current condition and symptoms. Additional specialist we often use include accident reconstruction experts, industry specific engineers and safety experts, and economics to prove the extent of financial impact on our client's life. 

Although prior success cannot guarantee a future outcome, our Houston Brain Injury Attorneys’ ability to utilize expert witness testimony has led to many successful verdicts and settlements.

New & Related Medical Discoveries

Brain injuries are some of the most damaging and complex injuries an accident can cause. Traumatic brain injuries and acquired brain injuries greatly affect the victim and may not ever allow him or her to fully recover from the accident. Serious brain damage may also occur as a result of a severe head injury. It is important to know that even if full recovery is not possible, there are options for long-term care and treatment that may help the victim improve his or her quality of life. These options, however, are very expensive.

Someone who suffers a severe brain injury in an accident may file suit against the at-fault party for:

  • Lost wages

  • Pain and suffering

  • Loss of consortium

  • Past, present and future medical expenses

  • Past and future loss of enjoyment of life

  • Other non-economic and economic damages

  • Punitive Damages

Attorneys must understand the types of brain injuries, their symptoms, the treatment options, and long-term care needs. This knowledge of complex head injuries is learned only by working with clients and families of victims who have suffered serious brain injuries first-hand as the effects of brain injuries will differ.

At The Injury Team, we have more than two decades of personal injury experience. With each brain injury case we have handled, we have gained important medical and legal knowledge that we will use in representing you or your loved one following a serious brain injury accident.

To learn more about our experience handling complex brain injury cases related to intentional torts and how we can help with a loved one's brain injury, call us at (713)800-6676 to speak with a Houston Brain Injury lawyer.

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