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Have you been injured in a truck accident? If so, you need a Houston truck accident attorney in your corner fighting for you. Houston is one of the the country’s largest commercial trucking hubs, forcing local drivers to navigate congested roads alongside semi trucks, tractor-trailers, and big rigs every day. No matter what type of commercial truck was involved in your accident, the damages can be devastation. Speak with a qualified personal injury lawyer today.

Houston truck accident lawyer Niles Sneed is recognized as one of the Best personal injury attorneys in Houston and has extensive experience in the complex realm of truck and 18 Wheeler accidents. There is no substitute for decades of knowledge litigating cases against commercial truck drivers and trucking companies. 

We're here to help you during these difficult times. Our law firm offers a contactless sign-up process, or we can visit your home or hospital room. We're tell you the steps to take after a truck accident, and handle all aspects of the claim and lawsuit process for you. We accept most cases and assist client from our four convenient locations in Texas. Schedule your free no-obligation case consultation today! Compare over 100 5-Star customer reviews and learn why our clients are so satisfied with out service. 

Do I Need A Lawyer After Being Hit By A Tractor Trailer?

Yes. Although a lawyer is not required settle a truck accident case, the odds are stacked against you if you don’t retain an attorney. You also want to retain a lawyer with experience securing some of the largest verdicts and settlements against trucking companies in Texas. Truck accidents are much different that car accident cases and insurance companies spend extensive resources to deny liability or prevent injury victims from securing proper compensation. 

There are a few reasons why trucking accident lawsuits are complex and why hiring an experienced lawyer is required to obtain full compensation for your injuries and damages: 

  • Your case could involved multiple defendants, the commercial driver trucker, his/her employer, a parts manufacturer, mechanic shop, and possibly others

  • Multiple defendants means that more a few insurance companies are at the table, and all try to evade responsibility and deny your claim

  • CDL truck drivers must abide by the regulations set out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and also Texas and Harris County safety rules and operations regulations. 

  • Injury victims from truck and 18 Wheeler accidents suffer experienced more extensive and costly than standard accidents

  • Accordingly, truck accident victims deserve much higher case settlements and verdicts, even if cases that are not wrongful death cases

These factors and others make trucking accident claims more complex and are the reason why insurance companies aggressively defend every claim. To secure the compensation you require and deserve after being hit by a truck, semi, or 18 wheeler in Houston, it is always in your best interest to hire a lawyer who understands commercial accident complexities and the many ways your life could be impacted now and moving forward. 

When Should I Hire A Texas 18 Wheeler Attorney?

You should hire a Houston truck accident lawyer before discussing your claim with an insurance adjuster. Most times the adjuster will contact you the moment they learn their insured was involved in a wreck and will attempt to settle the claim before you even realize the extent of your insured. That isn't justice. 

Insurance adjusters are trained to approach truck accidents victims nicely and dare we say "with compassion" and it's often confusing to victims and causes them to actually believe the insurance company has their interest in mind. If that was the case, they wouldn't be in business. 

The time to contact an attorney is the moment you believe you may have been injured as a result of the crash. The sooner you place the call for a consultation, the better. Some additional conditions that merit hiring a truck accident lawyer include:

  • A fatal trucking accident.

  • A truck accident that caused serious bodily injuries; injured spine, neck injuries, broken bones, migraines, paralysis, amputation, scarring and disfigurement, 

  • There is a chance you could be held partly at-fault

  • The accident involved multiple vehicles

  • The accident occurred in an area of construction or private property

  • The police report contains errors 

Commercial trucks such as 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, and big rigs carry an additional level of responsibility and liability. When an large truck crash occurs, our experts investigate the scene, examine the damaged truck, secure the onboard electronic information, and also the company's safety records. You greatest recovery is dependent on showing how egregious the company's actions were. 

What Types of Driver Errors Cause Truck Crashes?

Since our law firm's inception, Sneed|Mitchell LLP has made a name for itself as a serious law firm for serious 18 Wheeler accident injury cases. We not only look to establish the liability of the commercial driver, but also investigate all possible factors that may have contributed to a trucking accident.

Attorneys Niles Sneed and Brit Mitchell work with trucking industry experts, accident reconstruction experts, and highway safety engineers to investigate and present evidence of negligence, such as:

Commercial truck and 18-Wheeler drivers don't have the leniency of correcting their mistakes. Driver's on standard sized vehicles cars often speed, follow too closely, and engaged in distractions, but then counter their mistakes by engaging the breaks. A commercial trucks don't have this liberty. When an 18-Wheeler engaged their breaks at even 55 mph. the truck then travels and additional 120 feet before coming to a complete halt.

There are various kinds of CDL Driver errors that cause tractor-trailer and large truck accidents in Harris County, some of which including: 

Truck Driver Drowsiness: Fatigue amongst commercial driver's greatly impacts the safety of the standard drivers here in Houston as drowsiness directly impairs the truck drivers reaction times awareness, and cognitive reasoning. To lessen the alarming amount of fatigue-related traffic accidents, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) makes it a violation of Federal law for drivers to exceed 11 hours after being off duty for 10 hours, and 60 to 70 hours in a seven or eight day work week. 

When investigating Houston trucking accidents, our personal injury attorneys often discover that commercial drivers were forced to meet strict delivery deadlines that caused them to violate Federal driving limit regulations. Other times, the 18 Wheeler operators chose to exceed the driving limit to obtain over-time pay, which is similarly illegal. Drowsiness is also correlated with a driver's age, medical health condition, medication intake, quality of sleep, and even level of distractions and driving characteristics. 


Truck Driver Intoxication: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sets the blood-alcohol limit for CDL driver at 0.04%, which is half the legal rate for standard drivers. CDL drivers can receive a DUI or DWI citation for concentration of only 0.04%, which means a single alcoholic beverage can cause criminal culpability and penalties. Furthermore, Section § 392.5 of the Federal  Alcohol Prohibition prevents drivers from consuming alcohol within four hour of being on duty operating a tractor-tailor or semi, or similar commercial vehicle. Drivers that did consume alcohol within them time must remain off-duty for a full day and cannot even inspect their vehicle or be within their employers facilities. 

Nearly all trucking companies have additionally restrictive alcohol consumption rules and their truckers as well. Houston truck accident lawyer Niles Sneed ensures that he and his attorneys always requests the prior driving records, traffic citations, and criminal history of every driver that caused an accident in the cases we handle.

Medication and Drug Use Amongst Truck Drivers: With prescription drug epidemic has greatly impacted the trucking industry and the rate of truck accidents in Houston. According to the American Addiction Centers, 30% on truck drivers interviewed confessed to taking amphetamines. As of January 1, 2021, The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) continues to requires CDL drivers to be drug tested after any truck accident causing disabling damages to the vehicles. 

Speeding Commercial Trucks: In 2019, the number of violation issues to truck drivers traveling more than 15 mph more than the speed limit rose 10.5%, this followed a 7.8% increase in 2018, and a 1.1% increase in 2017. Speeding was a factors in 4,415 fatal trucking accidents in 2018 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System.  

Various environmental and physical conditions require truck drivers to navigate roadways significantly below the posted speed limit, including:​

  • Fog

  • Uneven roadways

  • Construction areas

  • Tight curves

  • Congested roadways

  • Pavement breaks

  • Gravel

  • Heavy traffic

Road age and Aggressive Truck Driving:  Aggressive driving an road rage is a factor in less than 1% of fatal truck accidents. 

Distracted Truck Driving: The age of technology has caused an increase in the rate of truck drivers engaged in texting while driving or additionally unsafe and negligent distractions during the operation of a semi-truck or tractor-tailor. 


Some of the common distractions truck drivers are engaged in near to the time of the truck accident include: 

  • Reaching for items throughout the cab

  • Cell phone or radio conversations 

  • Texting while driving 

  • Eating or drinking while driving

  • Adjusting the radio or other vehicle components

  • Smoking

Distracted commercial truck drivers cause some of the worst accidents in terms of the rate accident deaths, injuries, and property damage. Truck Drivers have been convicted of murder due to their actions because behind the wheel. Penalties for commercial drivers found texting include up to $2750 for drivers and up to $11,000 or employers that require drivers to use hand held texting devices. 

Other Common Truck Driver Errors: Additional facts that contribute in causing 18 wheeler accidents include:

  • Lane departure

  • Obscured vision

  • Failure to yield

  • Over-correction

  • Failure to obey traffic signals

  • Following too closely (tailgating)

  • Improper passing

  • Failure to execute turns and lane changes properly

In many cases Houston truck and 18-wheeler collisions, a combination of bad decisions and unsafe behaviors lead to truck accidents. A truck accident lawyer is needed to determine if the driver is fatigued or under the influence, because in those situations it is more likely the truck driver will drive too fast or make reckless decisions that cause an accident.

These decisions, however, don’t happen in a vacuum. The truck driver may be following the instructions of his or her employer, which in turn widens your case to include additional defendants.

Harris County Trucking Accident Statistics

As of January 19, 2021, the latest trucking accidents statistics provided by The crash statistics discussed on this page have been collected from the websites of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA).​

  • According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 6,369 total commercial vehicle accidents in Harris County in 2019. This was by far the highest total number of collisions of any county in Texas that year, with Dallas County coming in second with 4,146 accidents.

Of the 6,369 commercial vehicle crashes in Harris County in 2019:

  • 33 were fatal crashes, causing the loss of 36 lives

  • 110 were classified as “suspected serious crashes,” causing incapacitating injuries

  • 409 were classified as “non-incapacitating crashes”

  • 1,084 were classified as “possible injury crashes”

  • Sharing the road with a semi, tanker truck, or tractor-trailer can be an unsettling experience, and if you drive in the Houston area, you should be particularly cautious around these large vehicles.

If you or a loved one were involved in a commercial truck or 18-wheeler accident in Houston, Galveston, League City, The Woodlands, Katy or surrounding areas, speak directly with Houston Truck Accident Attorney Niles Sneed by calling 866-434-0014. Or fill out our contact form an one of our personal injury attorney will call you now. 

Never Try To Settle Your Case Without An Attorney

After a commercial trucking accidents in Houston, Texas, the goal of the insurance adjuster is to pay only small portions of valid claims and to settle the large truck injury claim as soon as possible. Insurance companies make billions of dollars settling claims quickly as possible or by  convincing the truck wreck victim that they were at-fault for the accident.

Never settle your claim too early! Truck accident cases are more valuable to the victim than standard motor vehicle accidents, so hesitate and contact us! Our experienced Trucking Accident Attorneys will fight for your best interest and greatest recovery opportunity. At Sneed|Mitchell LLP, we also have prior insurance negotiators on our staff that understand the games carrier play and fight fire with fire. Contact our offices today for a free, confidential consultation. In the meantime, utilize the following frequently asked questions regarding Houston truck to vehicle collisions.

What Information Do Lawyers Obtain From The "Black Box"?

A black box can give information on the truck, the trip, and the vehicle’s location immediately before the trucking accident in Houston, Texas. The precise data stored by an EDR varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. A few helpful forms of evidence in determination fault after the truck accident include:


  • The truck’s velocity immediately prior to the crash

  • Sudden deceleration or acceleration

  • If the brakes were engaged, and when

  • Cruise control data

  • Monthly or daily activity

  • Frequency with which the truck exceeded a predetermined speed limit

  • Whether or not the trucker was wearing a seatbelt

  • Whether or not the airbag was engaged

  • Hard stops and RPM between hard stops

  • Tire pressure

  • Number of impacts and time between impacts

  • GPS location

  • Messages between the trucker and trucking company, with evidence of driver fatigue, mechanical problems with the truck, etc.

  • Usage data to cross reference against the trucker’s log in order to determine if the driver violated the hours-of-service regulations

Obtaining the black box information is crucial to understanding why you or a loved one was struck by an unsafe semi-truck or heavy hauler here in Houston, Texas. Hire Houston's Best 18 Wheeler Accident law firm to guarantee your best chance at determining why and how the accident happened.  

Common Injuries Caused In These Big Rig Collisions

After being hit by a big rig or commercial truck in  Harris County, trucking accident victims often suffer debilitating injuries. A commercial truck or 18-wheeler's size and tonnage is far greater than the average car and cause serious injuries and fatalities at much higher rates. The severe injuries that can happen after auto accidents involving large truck or semi include:

Whether the large truck collision occurred on a congested interstate such as I-10, busy roads in North Houston, South Houston, East Houston, or West Houston, or surrounding neighborhoods or towns in Harris County, we can help. 

Note: After being involved in a Trucking Accident it is important to obtain medical care within 72 hours of the accident, but if you have not, call us today so that we can help schedule your medical appointment as soon as possible.  

Who Can Be Held Liable For The Commercial Collision?

After a trucking accident in Houston, Texas, the commercial company is generally the first entity to be examined and  held responsible for the collision. However, other possible parties can often contribute to truck accident includes;


Truck drivers: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration places truck driver’s under strict rules while operating commercial vehicles. Some violations includes driving extended hours, driving under the influence, or failing to engage in pre-check inspections. 


Truck owners: When the truck is not owned by the operating company, the owner is charged with the maintenance and repair duties described in Section 396 of Federal trucking regulations. 


Trucking manufacturers: Truck manufacturers such as Ford Motor Company, Daimler, Volvo Trucks, and Mack Trucks Inc., could be found liable under products liability theories for flaws in the fleets design or manufacturing, which cause about 600 fatalities each year. 


Trucking mechanics: Many truck accidents in Texas are caused by third party companies hired to provide comprehensive maintenance or service to a fleet; such as brake inspections, tire inspections, trailer repairs, or sufficient mobile repairs. 


Truck loading companies: Improper or unsafe loading practice can cause tires to burst, issues with the braking system, and other safety problems during interstate or intrastate transport. If a cargo loading entity failed to properly weight a load, or secure a load and this contributed to causing the resulting truck crash, the company may be held liable for your physical and financial damages. 


Local Government entity. Local government entities can be held partially or fully responsible for causing a truck accident when there is evidence the municipalities failed to safely maintain a road or are found liable for allowing dangerous or defective roads hazards to exist. 


Civil contractors: Construction contractors are hired to not only perform government contracts, but also to make determination regarding proper completion. If the civil contractor failed to complete a task in the safest manner, or failed to warn a truck of ongoing construction work, the civil contractor can be held legally responsible for the resulting trucking accident. 


A trucking accident collision with multiple potential sources of compensation allows the crash survivors to recover a larger verdict or settlement, but these situations also introduce challenges and hurdles. When multiple parties are sued in an Houston truck accident lawsuit, each is usually quick to blame the other to avoid paying their fair share of liability and minimize their individual costs.

What damages can I recover after being hit by an 18 Wheeler in Texas?

The victims of big rig and semi-truck accidents in Houston and across Harris County often suffer debilitating, life-altering injuries. Medical bills (both present and future), lost wages, property damage, and other financial losses often amount to much more than the average person can afford.


Following a Texas truck accident, you can file a lawsuit and possibly sue for the following damages:


  • Medical bills

    • Hospitalization

    • Diagnostic

    • Laboratory tests

    • Surgeries

    • Medical devices and prescriptions, etc.

  • Physical therapy

  • Rehabilitation costs

  • Counseling and mental health assistance

  • In-home care and assistance

  • The cost of required home modifications

  • Lost wages

  • Lost economic opportunities

  • Job retraining and educational costs

  • Pain and suffering (physical and emotional)

Our firm also represents families of loves ones killed in trucking-automobile accidents. Our 18 Wheeler accident lawyers understand complex nature of wrongful death truck collisions and are here to help in any way possible. Unfortunately, standard-sized vehicles, along with motorcyclists, bicyclists, joggers, and other non-vehicle pedestrians account for a growing share of national roadway fatalities.


Trucking accident lawyers and 18-wheeler accident attorney Niles Sneed has extensive experience handling commercial vehicle accidents in Houston or surrounding areas and will ensure you and your family receive maximum compensation for how the truck wreck has impact your life. 


Houston Truck Accident Lawyers

Houston truck accident attorney Niles Sneed has won numerous multi-million dollar trucking accident cases for clients who have suffered life-altering injuries. If you were hit by an 18-wheeler or commercial truck in Houston or anywhere in Harris County, call us today. Niles will personally examine how the accident occurred, determine liability, and inform your full legal rights and options.  


Ask to speak with Niles Sneed directly by calling (866)434-0014, or fill out our contact form a truck and 18 wheeler lawyers from The Injury Team with call you now. And remember, there is never a charge for our consultations and each case is handled on a contingency fee basis

Free virtual or mobile call conferences are also available everyday, 24/7, for anyone who does not want to physically come into one of our offices. We also invite you to download our eBook for free insight on the process of personal injury claims.





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