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San Antonio Truck Accident and 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers

We Hold Trucking Companies And Their Driver's Fully Accountable, Every Time. 

If you have been in a big-rig accident, call San Antonio truck accident attorney Niles Sneed today. Niles has experience helping victims of 18 wheeler accidents get the compensation they deserve after a devastating crash. Trucking companies have a legal duty to operate their commercial fleet in a safe manner.

Niles and his team have won Millions and recovered some of the largest truck and 18 wheeler accident settlements in Bexar County. When litigating cases on behalf of accident victims across Texas, you want the best, and we are:

  • #1 Truck Accident Team in Texas

  • #1 Largest Accident Truck Accident Settlement in Texas

  • #1 Truck Litigation Case Expert Team

  • #1 In Lawsuit Case Resources 

Trucking companies know that once our personal injury attorneys are involved, their best option is to offer our client the maximum level of compensation for their injuries and damages, or risk having a jury in Bexar County provide another record-setting verdict in the Courtroom, where Niles Sneed and his team remain remain unbeaten. 

Never risk your recovery on a law firm that doesn’t have licensed trial attorneys and isn’t families with the trucking industries extensive Texas and Federal regulations. Make the right choice by contacting Sneed|Mitchell LLP - The Injury Team.

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Contact San Antonio’s Best Truck Accident Lawyers for a Free Consultation at 866-434-0014 or Click Here

Our rate of success speaks to the effectiveness of our approach. Our lawyers don’t just win for Truck and 18 Wheeler Accident Victims, we fight for maximum compensation and break records. Commercial fleet operators and their drivers must be held fully accountable for their actions. Our attorneys consistently obtain newsworthy results because we have more legal knowledge, experiences, and resources than even the largest commercial trucking companies. 


Niles Sneed is an award-winning Truck and 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys and refuse to settle a case unless our clients are fully compensated for physical trauma, emotional impact, and economic damages. 


Because of our recognitions and results, many semi and big rig accident cases settle for note-worthy sums before the case reaches the courtroom. Whether your accident was caused by the driver, their employer, a fleet maintenance operator, or a product manufacturer that aided is assembling the tractor-trailer, we can help.


If you or a loved one were injured in a truck or 18-wheeler accident, our Unbeaten Truck Accident Attorneys will make sure that you and your family receive the compensation you deserve.


Call 866-434-0014, click the “live chat” button, or send us a confidential message through our Contact Form Here and a lawyer that litigates commercial trucking accidents will contact you immediately. 


As always, consultations are free and you owe us nothing until we’re victories on your behalf. 

How Were You Injured After Being Hit?

Motorcycle accidents in San Antonio cause serious injuries, including:


concussion after truck accident

Head & Neck

brain injury after 18 wheeler crash

Brain Trauma

back injured in big rig crash

Back & Spine 

rotator cuff tear in 18 wheeler

Shoulder Pain

leg injured in truck wreck

Leg Injuries

death in truck crash

Loss of Life

Note: After being involved in a an-auto pedestrian accident it important to obtain medical care within 72 hours of the accident, but if you have not, call us today so that we can help schedule your medical appointment as soon as possible.  

Do I Need A Truck Accident Attorney Near Me?

Yes. Hiring a Truck and 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer near you is critical to the success of your claim. Proximity to the accident scene is important as an attorney needs to immediately examine the wrecked tractor trailer to obtain the truck driver’s logbook, the truck’s black box and ECM records, and to send an accident reconstructionist to inspect the scene and the vehicles involved in the crash.

Victims of large truck wrecks often sustain serious injuries requiring  extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation process, so it is important to have a law firm with a network of medical professionals near your home or work location. When clients tell us of their injuries we are able to refer them to orthopedics, neurologists, psychologists, plastic surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors, and more, all within ten minutes of their location. 

Our services also includes: 

  • Purchasing your police crash report.

  • Photographing the truck accident scene.

  • Collecting eye-witness statements.

  • Engaging in Crash Data Retrieval (CDR)

  • Analyzing the truck’s engine, brake system, and suspension

  • Investigating the site of crash site 

  • Asset searching the commercial fleet operator 

  • Consulting with our biomechanical engineers

  • Examining the commercial insurance policy 

  • Ensuring all claims are filed for you in a timely manner.

  • Aggressively negotiating with commercial insurance carrier

  • Taking the care to trial to advocate for your complete compensation before a jury here in Bexar County. 

Additionally, a truck and 18 wheeler accident attorney in close proximity to you or the scene of the crash understands the local municipal laws that apply to commercial truck drivers. Let our attorneys near you determine who caused the accident, who should be held liable, and the maximum level of compensation you are entitled to.

We Force Trucking Companies to Take Responsibility

Due to unrivaled success that our truck and 18 Wheeler accident lawyers have secured for our clients, trucking companies and their attorneys take our clients and their claims much more seriously than an average law firm. Why? Because Defendants know our Truck Accident Attorneys will never be outspent or overworked, that we take cases into the courtroom and set new records for jury verdicts. We refuse to settle cases unless the trucking company pays our clients the maximum amount of compensation allowed under Texas law for your injuries and losses.

We Secure The Trucks Black Box In Every San Antonio Truck Accident Case

When San Antonio commercial accident victims hire us, our truck and 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyers immediately secure the black box,  also known as an electronic control module (ECM) or event data recorder (EDR). Similar to an airplane black box, the data recorded on this device includes: 


  • The speed of the 18 wheeler at the time of the crash

  • Whether the truck driver decelerated or accelerated

  • Whether the driver utilized their breaks 

  • Whether the tractor trailer was using cruise control

  • The monthly or weekly truck activity

  • How often the truck’s speed exceeded 65 miles per hour 

  • Whether the trucker was wearing a seat belt

  • Whether the air bag deployed within the cabin

  • Number of hard stops and the RPM between stops

  • Tire pressure and the time of impact

  • The number of impacts the truck has previously sustained

  • Exact GPS location information for our experts

  • Any communications between the trucker and trucking company, including emails regarding possible maintenance needs, mechanical failures, and driver logs

  • Usage data that is later compared to the driver’s hour logs to determine if the driver operated the truck longer than is allowed under Federal regulations. 

Collecting Black Box evidence allows our Truck Accident Lawyers to determine whether the trucking company or its driver violated federal safety regulations and state transportation laws. Additionally, understanding how fast the truck was traveling and whether breaks were utilized helps us determine whether the driver was distracted or fatigued at the time of impact. 


Our attorneys then consult with our network of medical experts here in San Antonio to determine the extent and severity of our client’s injuries, the treatment specialist most qualified to assist them, and the cost and frequency of medical care that will be needed moving forward. 


After our biomechanical engineers perform comprehensive investigations, data collection and analysis of the truck crash, we then know the cause and the factors that led up to and contributed in causing the impact to our client’s health and future earning potential. Using technology to determine what the truck driver could or should have done differently to avoid the crash is critical to forcing the commercial company and its insurer to pay the maximum level of compensation to our clients. We want our truck accident clients to be set for the rest of their lives. 


If the commercial fleet operator or their insurance company refuses to offer a settlement that fully compensates our clients and their families for their injuries and damages, we take the case to trial here in Bexar County, where our 18 wheeler accident attorneys remain unbeaten before the jury. 

San Antonio Truck Accident Statistics

Unfortunately, truck and 18 Wheeler crash accidents are far from rare, especially here in San Antonio.


Identifying Cause and Fault in Commercial Truck Crashes

In Texas, truck accident claims are based on the common law tort of negligence.


To hold a trucking company, product manufacturer, fleet operator, or any other liable entity legally responsible for the tractor-trailer collision, we must prove that the reckless or careless conduct contributed to the accident. 


To prove negligence, the following elements must be satisfied. These elements include:


  • The truck driver, repairmen, or manufactured owed you a duty of care;

  • They breached this duty of care; 

  • Their breach was the actual and proximate (legal) cause of the crash; and

  • The truck accident caused your damages.


Commercial truck accident claims here in Texas are especially complex as there is a wide array of state and federal safety regulations that impact each case. An experienced semi-truck accident attorney in San Antonio will investigate your claim and help you put together the evidence that you need to establish negligence and hold the trucking company legally accountable.

18 Wheeler And Truck Laws In Texas

In Texas, the victims of 18-wheeler accidents and their families have a legal right to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages caused by the negligence or the gross negligence of others. 


Even if you are partially responsible for your accident, you should still contact an experienced Texas truck accident attorney. Texas allows victims to recover damages provided the truck company or the truck driver is at least 50% at-fault for the accident.


For example, victims found 30% at-fault for their truck accident can still recover 70% of total damages. Furthermore, Texas allows accident victims to recover punitive damages when truck companies or their drivers exhibit gross negligence that resulted in an accident. 


Punitive damages punish responsible parties for their egregious conduct, such as intoxicated driving, inadequate training, driver fatigue, and other dangerously negligent behavior. 


Unfortunately, because gross negligence requires a higher burden of proof than standard negligence, many personal injury attorneys fail to recover punitive damages even when an accident resulted from the defendant’s grossly negligent conduct.


However, the truck accident lawyers at Sneed|Mitcell has a proven track record for proving gross negligence and recovering punitive damages for clients involved in truck and 18-wheeler accidents.




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July 2020

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Common Injured 18 Wheeler Crash Victims Experience

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What is the value of my Texas truck collision case?

Recoverable damages for your truck accident case take into account several facts, including:

  • The manner and seriousness of your injuries.
  • Your medical bills stemming from the accident, including future medical treatments.
  • The dollar value of any property damage, including damage to your vehicle
  • Pain and suffering, both physical and mental
  • Your lost wages, including any reductions in your future earning capacity.
We believe that victims shouldn’t have to worry about paying their rent or mortgage, putting food on the table, or buying Christmas presents for their children. Our experienced truck accident attorneys work tirelessly to get you the largest settlement or verdict possible, so you never have to worry about the future again. We prepare each and every case with the goal of maximizing your recovery so that—once your case is over—you and your family can move on with your lives.

How do I find the best San Antonio Truck Accident Attorney?

To find the best San Antonio Truck Accident Attorney, make sure to select a firm with an established history of success. Truck companies and their insurers hire only the best attorneys. You should do the same. Look for lawyers who know how to represent their clients’ best interest both inside of the courtroom and out. Sneed|Mitchell offers complimentary consultations to victims injured in commercial truck accidents. Meet with one of our experienced attorneys’, discuss the specifics of your case, and consider asking the following:

  • How many truck accident lawsuits have you taken on? What were the outcomes?
  • Do you have experience taking truck accident lawsuits to trial? What is your track record?
  • Have you represented truck accident victims with injuries similar to mine?
  • How strong do you think my case for damages is?
  • Will your office respond quickly to my emails and phone calls?
  • How long will it take to resolve my case?
  • What attorney’s fees will I owe and when?
Sneed|Mitchell works by maximizing recoveries, not clients. We limit the number of cases we accept to devote as much time and attention as possible to each client. From your initial consultation to your final settlement, we’ll stand by your side every step of the way.

What should I do after being hit by a truck in San Antonio?

First, see to yourself and your passengers following any 18-wheeler or truck accident. Safety comes first. Call 911 ASAP. If it is safe to do so, remain in your car until EMS arrives. After emergency responders reach the scene:

  1. If you can, take photographs and videos of the scene, including your car, the truck, and the surrounding area.
  2. Collect names and contact information from all individuals involved in the accident, as well as any witnesses.
  3. Collect the name of the trucking company, the truck’s DOT number (visible on the truck’s driver and passenger doors), and the trucking company’s insurance information.
  4. Answer police questions honestly, but stick to the facts. Do not speculate about fault with anyone.
  5. Visit an emergency room as soon as possible, regardless of how you feel. Many serious injuries go unnoticed immediately following a crash due to adrenaline and/or shock.
Follow all medical recommendations and attend all doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions, and other scheduled treatments. Doing so will both aid your physical recovery and make it more difficult for the insurance company to minimize or deny your injuries. Additionally, record everything you can remember about the crash in writing, including small details that may seem trivial. Store your notes in a paper or digital file alongside the police report, any photos/information gathered at the scene of the accident, and any pertinent medical records, including medical bills, copays, and other expenses (transportation, lost wages, etc.). You should inform your own insurer of the crash. However, do not speak with or give a recorded statement to either your own insurance company or the trucking company’s insurer until you have consulted an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney. Regardless of what the company or its adjuster claims, they are NOT on your side. Their primary objective is to avoid compensation you for your injuries and losses.

Why are 18 Wheeler crashes different than normal cars?

Unfortunately, truck and 18-wheeler collisions are usually more complex and devastating than other auto accidents. Daunting complications such as state and federal trucking regulations, unethical insurance companies, and large teams of well-funded corporate lawyers make it difficult for victims to obtain just compensation. However, the 18-wheeler accident attorneys at Sneed|MItchell LLP know how to handle all of these complications. Every member of our Texas personal injury team is a seasoned trial lawyer with courtroom experiences. We know how to bring cases to trial and win. When trucking companies or their insurers attempt to shortchange our clients, we take the case to trial. For us, no settlement is good enough unless it fully compensates victims for ALL of their damages, plain and simple.

How do I maximize the compensation I'll recieve after a big rig accident?

Recovering as much as possible following your truck accident is crucial for providing for yourself and your family. However, victims must act quickly to protect their rights from trucking and insurance companies. Following an 18-wheeler accident:

  • Report the tractor trailer accident by calling 911 and allowing the police to prepare an official report.
  • If you can, photograph and/or record the scene of the accident. Record the truck’s license plate, driver’s license numbers, DOT number, insurance information, and the names and contact information of any witnesses.
  • Seek emergency medical attention. Even if you think you’re uninjured, you may still have suffered serious, but less immediately noticeable injuries. Plus, you and your attorneys can use your medical records as evidence of your crash-related injuries.
  • Do not speculate about fault. Whether you’re talking to the police, insurance adjusters, or anyone else, state only the facts. Additionally, never agree to give the trucking company’s insurance adjuster a recorded statement.
  • Adhere to any directions given by your doctor. Attend all medical appointments. Insurers can and will use any failure to follow medical advice or treatment plans to diminish your injuries.
  • Never attempt to negotiate your own settlement. An experienced Texas 18-wheeler accident lawyer knows how to conduct truck accident cases and maximize your compensation following your accident.
The Texas truck accident lawyers at Sneed|Mitchell have successfully advocated for thousands of truck and 18-wheeler accident victims across the state of Texas. We know how devastating commercial trucking accidents can be. Our goal is to aid and protect victims and their families; we offer compassionate, caring representation designed to maximize the settlements you need to recover from your accident.

Do I need a lawyer for my San Antonio 18 Wheeler accident claim?

Yes. Although lawyer it is not required to pursue compensation following an 18 Wheeler accident in San Antonio, you should always hire qualified legal representation. Truck accident cases are much different than standard auto accidents due to the size of the commercial insurance policies covering tractor trailers and due to the large budget fleet operater's utilize to defend against your legal claim.

What Damages Can Truck and 18-Wheeler Accident Victims Recover?

The facts of each case vary. However, those injured in truck accidents often recover damages from several parties. These parties may include: the driver, the trucking company, and even the customer shipping cargo with the trucking company. In Texas, the victims of negligence can recover damages for:

  • Medical expenses, both existing and projected.
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional anguish
  • Physical impairment
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of consortium from a disabled spouse
Unfortunately, some 18-wheeler accidents prove fatal. Following a wrongful death, the deceased’s surviving family members can recover damages for:
  • Funeral expenses
  • Lost financial support
  • Lost care, advice, and counsel
  • Lost companionship and comfort
  • Lost inheritance
Additionally, family members can also file survivor action lawsuits in pursuit of compensation for medical bills, pain, and anguish suffered by the deceased prior to their death. Finally, in cases of gross negligence, Texas commercial trucking accident victims and their families can also obtain punitive damages. Texas does not make winning punitive damages easy; however, in cases of gross negligence Sneed|Mitchell is ready to fight for justice.

What are the most common 18 wheeler accident injuries?

Unfortunately, truck collisions have a much higher likelihood of resulting in severe or even fatal injuries for victims. Common injuries caused by 18-wheeler accidents include:

  • Spinal Cord Injuries. An injured spinal cord can lead to partial or complete paralysis of the lower body and torso. Even with extensive, ongoing, and expensive treatments, surgeries, and physical therapy, many remain disabled or in pain for the rest of their lives. Spinal cord injuries are not always immediately apparent, so it's important to get medical care ASAP following a truck accident.
  • Head and Brain Injuries. While some victims suffer only bruises or a minor concussion, others may sustain traumatic brain injuries. TBIs can have life-changing impacts on cognition and motor function. Like spinal cord injuries, severe brain injuries may not be apparent immediately following an accident.
  • Internal Bleeding. Bleeding in the bladder, liver, kidney, pancreas, spleen, and other internal organs caused by blunt force trauma can prove life-threatening. Such injuries are difficult to spot, so visit an emergency room immediately after an accident, even if you think you’re uninjured.
  • Soft Tissue Injury. A soft tissue injury is any swelling, bruising or other injury to tissues resulting from blunt force.
  • Burns: Ruptured fuel tanks can sometimes catch fire following an 18-wheeler accident. Spreading flames can severely or fatally burn drivers and passengers.
Bone Fractures: Truck accident victims often sustain several broken bones.
  • Amputation and Disfigurement: Serious injuries such as severe burns, crushing injuries, and deep lacerations can lead to amputation or severe disfigurement. Victims may require ongoing and assisted care, as well as expensive surgeries and prosthetics.
Victims of 18-wheeler accidents often depend financially on compensation for their damages. Our attorneys will fight to secure you the settlement you need and deserve for both the economic and personal losses you’ve sustained.

Frequently Asked Questions

Experienced San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyers

If you have been in a big-rig accident, call San Antonio truck accident attorney Niles Sneed today. Niles has experience helping accident victims get the compensation they deserve after a devastating trucking accident. Trucking companies have a legal duty to operate their commercial fleet in a safe manner.

Free virtual or mobile call conferences are also available everyday, 24/7, for anyone who does not want to physically come into one of our offices. We also invite you to download our eBook for free insight on the process of personal injury claims in Bexar County.


San Antonio Trucking Accident Attorney Niles Sneed begin practicing law for one reason; to help victims. Trucking accidents have a major impact on your future. We know exactly how impactful and devastating traffic wrecks are and how important zealous and experienced legal advocacy in the success of our client’s claims. We're ready to help. If you reside in Houston, or Austin, we can still assist you.