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Root Car Accident Claim Lawyer | Settlement Help (in 2021)

If you were hit by a driver insured by Root Insurance, contact car accident lawyer Niles Sneed today. Niles has extensive experience negotiating settlements against Root and will ensure you receive full compensation for your losses and damage. The Root Insurance has duty to provide benefits and compensation to victims injured by the negligent actions of their drivers.

Although Root Insurance is much smaller than popular companies like GEICO, Progressive, USAA, the company is experiencing exponential growth, which means only one things - they are collecting profit from beings at a much higher rate than its paying on filed claims. Don't let a Root Insurance adjuster belittle or lowball your recovery, we're ready to help.

On this page you'll also learn about Root Insurance's claims investigation tendencies, average car accident settlement amounts, and helpful tips of how to handle Root's claim adjusters. If you have specific questions, or need immediate assistance with an existing Root Insurance Claim, call us at 866-434-0014 for a free consultation or fill out this free case review form today.

Root insurance car accident lawyer claims settlements help

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About Root Insurance

Root was founded in March of 2015 and by 2018 became the first privately held insurance tech startup valued at over a billion dollars. Unlike most insurance companies, Root hails itself as a technology company and through a data computation system provides competitive price models to customers seeking homeowners, renters, or auto insurance. The company brands itself as an untraditional company in that it uses smartphone technology to determine a driver’s behavior, and uses this data to offer lower insurance rates than competitors.

Root Insurance has experienced explosive premium growth and was the third fastest growing auto insurer in the United States in 2019. This followed their initial public offering valued at $7 billion. The digital insurance company even ignited a marketing campaign and in 2021 founding sponsors of 23XI Racing, and joint venture by NBA Star Michael Jordan and three-time Daytona Winner Denny Hamlin.

According to Nerdwallet, although Root is relatively small, the company has more than the expected number of auto insurance complaints according to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissions. The company also has a poor customer service reputation with the primary complaint being delays and surcharges.

The entity offers liability (Bodily Injury and Property Damage), along with Collisions and Comprehensive coverages. Root Insurance is quickly expanding and provides coverage in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas, Colorado, and about 10 additional States.

After A Car Accident Has Occurred, What Should I Do?

After being involved in a car accident, try to remain calm and contract emergency personal immediately. Check the safety of any passengers in your vehicle, and if when safe to do so, survey the damage caused in the crash. If possible, photograph the position of the vehicles involved in the collision prior to them being moved. This helps prevents a driver from later denying how the incident occurred.

Be sure collect contact and insurance policy information of the other driver(s) involved, this includes their name, phone number, license plate information, and even email address. Do not wait for the police to arrive. Each officer secures a crash scene differently and might not provide you the information needed to file the accident claim.

Never admit fault to other drivers or emergency personal. Fault is not based on your perception, but is instead determined by the driver safety laws established by local legislature and the Department of Motor Vehicles. It is a best practice to remain honest and polite while at the scene of the traffic accident.

If you suffered injuries in the crash, inform the officer and seek immediate medical care. Oftentimes, serious injuries are evasive, so a person should not drive away while feeling any physical discomfort.

How Do I Report An Accident To Root Insurance?

After a police officer lets everyone go after documenting the traffic accident it is important to report the claim right away. If you hold a Root Insurance policyholder, the claim can be reported directly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the company's mobile app. Motorists hit by a driver insured with Root Insurance can reach a claims experts directly during their business hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET., or by calling: 866-980-9431.

We recommend contacting Root Insurance Car Accident Lawyer Niles Sneed at this stage. The crash report and information provided to the claims adjuster will be screened for accuracy and any discrepancies that allow for issuance of a denial of coverage. Contact a lawyer for advice on the best method of moving forward and protecting your recovery claim.

Most Common Car Accident Injuries

When you’re injured in an auto accident, you need to work with an experienced car accident injury attorney to help fortify and strength your claim for recovery. The compensation awarded in a settlement or verdict are to compensate you for your injuries and help restore your life. At Sneed|Mitchell LLP, the most common car accident injuries we assist with include;

  • Whiplash - When the neck sustains a "whip effect" in a forceful collision, the cervical spine and its supporting muscles sustain trauma that often requires weeks of physical therapy, along within pain medication and exercise. However, some whiplash victims develop chronic neck pain or sustained disfigurement in the form of disk herniations or bulges.

  • Shoulder or Rotator Cuff Injuries - One of the most common injuries in moderate to sever auto accidents is a rotator cuff tear experienced in the shoulder restrained by the person's seatbelt. Most tears occur in the supraspinatus tendon, but other parts of the rotator cuff may also be involved. Not tendon injuries require surgery, but it is important to have an orthopedic determine whether a person has a partial tear or full-thickness tear.

  • Crush Injuries - In car accidents that a victim's body to hit the steering wheel or become trapped between two counter forces, a person can sustain a crush injury. The effects of crush injuries are devastating and can result organ dysfunction, renal failure, hypothermia, amputations, paralysis, scarring and disfigurement, or acute lung injury.

  • Brain Injuries - A brain injuries, or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), occurs when a person's head hits a window, the steering wheel, the headrest, or a deployed airbag, and often cause long-lasting impairment. Brain injuries are not easy to identify. For this reason, you need a doctor and attorney experienced at handling this condition.

  • Broken Bones - The most common bones that sustain fracture in auto accidents includes fibula, ankle, skull, facial bones, and fingers to wrist. The x-rays performed at an emergency facility will detect these skeletal damages, which sometimes only require casting to prevent additional harm to the area.

Additional injuries that often occur personal injury accidents include; spinal cord injuries, and driver's experienced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the near-death experience.

What Types Of Damages Are Includes In A Car Accident Settlement?

There are three categorical types of damages in a car accident case; economic, non-economic, and punitive damages. Economic damages are often called "compensatory damages" and is meant to compensate a victim for any monetary losses. Non-economic damages includes payment for the mental, physical, and psychological effects of the collision. Punitive damages are discussed later in the discussion.

Examples of economic damages include:

  • Hospital bills

  • Physician costs

  • Rehabilitation costs

  • Prosthetics and physical aids

  • Surgical costs

  • Lost income and wages

  • Economic impacts

  • Property damage and replacement

  • Disability damages

Non-economic damages can include:

  • Pain and suffering

  • Emotional trauma

  • Loss of consortium damages

  • Loss of enjoyment

  • Wrongful death expenses, including funeral and burial costs

In certain auto accident cases, such as those involving commercial vehicles and 18-wheelers, punitive damages are also available. Punitive damages, or "exemplary damages", are meant to punish bad behavior and prevent the Defendant from engaging in similar acts in the future.

What Must Be Proven To Win A Car Accident Claim?

When bringing a claim against Root Insurance, the victim has the burden of establishing a right to compensation. Attorney Niles Sneed prove liability for clients by showing the following;

  1. The other driver had a legal duty to exercise reasonable care

  2. The other driver was negligent and operated the car unsafely

  3. The other driver’s caused the traffic accident

  4. You suffered physical injured as a result of the at-fault's actions driver’s

If you were partially at-fault in causing crash, Texas law still allows you to recover a portion of the damages as long as your were less than 50% at-fault in causing the collision.

Root Insurance Car Accident Attorney Niles Sneed

If you were hit by a driver insured by Root Insurance, call car accident attorney Niles Sneed today. Niles Sneed regularly helps accident victims secure full compensation against Root Insurance. Insurance companies have a legal duty to pay compensation for the injuries and damages caused by their driver's negligent actions, we can help make sure they do.


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