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Progressive Car Accident Lawyer Niles Sneed - Settlement Help

If you were involved an a car accident and need a lawyer that sues Progressive Insurance Company, call Attorney Niles Sneed. Niles have substantial experience helping clients secure full compensation after being injured by the unsafe actions of negligent motorists and will ensure your settlement includes all of the possible damages under Texas Law.

Injured claimants are often surprised when Progressive Insurance gives low-ball settlement offers for their serious car accident injuries. But this is where an experienced lawyer that sues Progressive Insurance is needed. We understand the games insurance adjusters play, including delaying acceptance of the claim when after the crash report is generated in legitimate automobile accident claims.

Attorney Niles Sneed hears from injured auto accident victims each day who are fed up with Progressive. Insurance adjusters who act in bad faith should be held accountable. Contact award-winning personal injury attorney Niles Sneed of Sneed|Mitchell LLP to learn more about their legal rights today.

Progressive Insurance Company Profile

The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies (Progressive) is an insurance holding company that has provided auto and commercial auto insurance since 1937. The company is headquartered in Mansfield, Ohio and is one of the largest auto insurers in the United States, with over 13 million current policy holders. The insurance juggernaut rubs shoulders with State Farm, Allstate, GEICO, and Farmers Insurance Group, and sells through more than 30,000 independent insurance agencies and brokers across the United States.

When bringing a claim for compensation against Progressive Insurance, the claimant must understand that Progress spends hundreds of millions placing their adjusters through top-notch training programs that in the end are designed to do one thing - increase the profitability of their company. With more than 38,000 agents and brokers from thousands of agencies across the US, Progressive success places the entity as the third largest auto insurer and the number one motorcycle, specialty RV insurer in the country.

When auto accident victims are searching for a lawyer to sue Progressive Insurance Company, they contact Niles Sneed. Niles will assist you in building a case, securing medical treatment, and obtaining full settlement compensation for your pain and suffering. If you have any additional questions after reading this article, please feel free to contact our law offices for a free consultation.

What Do I Need To Prove in a Progressive Insurance Claim?

In order to get compensated by an insurance company for your injuries and damages related to a car accident, you, or your attorney, will need to establish a number of things, such as:

  • the proper replacement cost value of your vehicle damages

  • the reasonable and customary medical charges for the treatment you required

  • Your lost wages, calculation of pay, and related out-of-pocket expenses

  • the medical documentation you need for time off work

  • The costs of any future medical procedures or surgical determinations

Some of these benefits are easy to determine, while others require a medical expert or economic damages experts, and require significant work to properly establish. Progressive insurance adjusters aim to diminish the value of any personal injury claim, so proper documentation is always needed in order to validate the injuries and damages you experience as a result of being hit by their insured.

If need helps proving or supporting your Progressive insurance claim, contact attorney Niles Sneed today. Niles will examine the accident and your personal circumstance and inform you of your rights and recovery options against Progressive.

Can I File A Progressive Claim Without An Attorney?

Yes. When first contacting Progressive, a claims adjuster has not yet been assigned to the case. Instead, a claims representative will ask questions regarding basic details about the accident. You’ll need to know the at-fault driver’s name, license plate number, the date of the crash, and type of car being driven by the liable motorists.

Within 24 hours, an insurance adjuster will contact you to investigate the accident. It is best practice to not answer questions regarding liability until after you’ve discussed the crash with an experienced car accident lawyer.

You can file a claim with Progressive Insurance online, but Niles Sneed recommends calling the company at 1-800-776-4737 to report the accident. You can call from the scene of the accident, or later, but you never want to wait more than 48 hours. A personal injury can file the claim for you to ensure no mistakes are made.

How do I know when to hire a lawyer that sues Progressive Insurance?

If the insurance company engages in any of the following actions, stop and contact an experienced attorney:

  1. The adjuster hints that liability cannot yet be determined, for any reason.

  2. They offers a settlement within a few days of the car accident

  3. They try to say the accident was your fault and say the claim is under investigation

  4. They offer less than Kelly Blue Book or NADA value for your totalled car

  5. They ask about your injuries and offer a settlement in the same conversation

  6. They tell you an attorneys isn’t needed

  7. They say a recorded statement is required to determine liability

  8. They repeatedly tell you the claim is not accepted because they haven’t been able to speak with their insured.

Progressive Insurance adjusters often deploy tactics that can equate to insurance bad faith. However, it can be tough for victims to detect when the insurance company isn’t being fair. You don’t have to handle the insurance company alone. An experienced attorney can review the claim and assist each step of the insurance claims process.

Securing Pain and Suffering

Unfortunately, many websites lie about there being a “pain and suffering calculator” or set formulas to determine reasonable settlement of your car accident claim. Pain is a personal experience, and an experienced attorney aids claimants in obtaining the documentation needed to properly evidence the physical and emotional trauma a victim has experienced as a result of the crash.

Some of documents used to provide your pain and suffering includes:

  • Medical bills

  • Medical records

  • Medical prognosis

  • Expert testimony

  • Photographs of your injuries

  • Psychiatric records

  • Witness Affidavits

These documents aid our attorneys in providing the following:

  • A disruption to your usual daily life

  • Mental and emotional distress

  • Debilitating physical impairments

  • Physical scarring disfigurement

When a driver's recklessness, carelessness, or negligent actions cause our clients to suffer severe injuries or emotional trauma, we find the documents relevant to prove your level of pain and suffering. Sometimes the testimony of friends and family members is used to support the victim’s experience.

How Do I Protect Myself When Speaking to Adjusters?

The insurance adjuster’s main goal is to save car insurance companies money. Often, they lead claimants to think that their damages deserve as little compensation as possible. Some adjusters may go so far as offering lowball settlements or even denying perfectly valid claims.

You can protect your rights against Progressive adjusters by:

  • Adhering to the facts of your case.

  • Don’t say anything regarding fault, even if its speculative.

  • Never say that you caused the accident.

  • Don’t lie. Be honest.

  • Answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when possible.

  • Don’t offer any additional information.

  • Refuse (politely) to record a statement.

  • Don’t sign anything without first speaking to a Texas car accident attorney.

  • Don’t accept the adjusters first offer.

  • Find a qualified lawyer to assist you with negotiations.

The best way to protect your rights following a Texas car accident is to hire a qualified personal injury lawyer. A lawyer that sues Progressive can help you understand your legal options for compensation and is aware of the ways you must protect yourself when dealing with this insurance entity.

What is the average Progressive settlement amount?

Our average car accident settlement amount with Progressive Insurance claims has been $30,000. In Texas, most of Progressive’s auto policies have bodily injury liability limits of $30,000 per person, and $60, per occurrence.

Progressive sells car insurance policies with liability coverage limits, and our attorneys often secure larger settlements in these cases.

Our law firm recently obtained $132,000 in a claim against Progressive where the careless driver maintained $150,000 in bodily injury coverage.

Progressive is also a common insurance carrier of Uber and other rideshare companies here in Texas. If the Uber driver was in route to pick up passengers or was already transporting passengers, Progressive insures Uber with a $1 million liability policy. However, Progressive Insurance fights to protect these policies and often attempts to lowball or outright deny coverage.

Contact Niles Sneed About Your Progressive Insurance Claim

Niles Sneed and his team of Car Accident Attorneys have decades of combined experience handling personal injury claims in the state of Texas. If you were struck by a negligent driver insured by Progressive Insurance, and we can answer whatever questions you may have. As always, consultations are completely free and you pay nothing until we are successful on your claim.


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