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Midland Car Accident Lawyer Brit Mitchell

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, call Midland car accident lawyers Brit Mitchell today. Brit has helped thousands in individuals secure maximum compensation after a serious auto accident. Insurance companies and their adjusters have a legal requirement to pay victims for their injuries and damages, we make sure they. At Sneed & Mitchell we accept for most traffic collision cases and have a 99% win rate overall.

Hire our top-rated personal injury attorneys to assist you and your family through the legal process. Our law firm offers a contact-less sign up process and can even make home and hospital visits when requested. The Sneed & Mitchell Law Firm was designed for your convenience. Let us handle every aspect of the car accident claim process for you, while you focus on what's most important - healing after the crash.

Whether the negligent driver is insured by Geico, USAA, Progressive, or a smaller and unknown insurance company, we have successfully pursued claims against the company before. Contact us today!

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Car Accidents

The rate of traffic collisions in Midland, Texas has quickly increased due our accelerated population growth and job creation in the oil and gas industry. In many cases, after a car wreck, the insurance company refuses to accept complete responsibility for the crash even when a police officer determines their insured was at-fault. Texas is a modified comparative fault state, meaning that a person's recovery can be reduced by the percentage at which the other driver is at fault. Don't let the insurance company pin liability on you in an unjust manner.

Allow our personal injury attorneys to help you prove liability and the extent of your injuries and damages. Brit Mitchell and her team a process of securing evidence to ensure the unsafe or negligent driver is held accountable for their actions. Our post-accident evidence investigation includes:

  • Contacting the police department after the crash;

  • Gathering all applicable public records;

  • Getting copies of police report;

  • Analyzing the scene and when liability is pending;

  • Obtaining any police footage;

  • Retaining accident reconstruction experts;

Whenever it is in our client's best interest we file a lawsuit in order to subpoena the other motorist's driving records, conduct discovery, and question the at-fault party in a deposition. This is generally necessary when liability is disputed or a commercial policy is involved, such as accidents involving companies like Uber or Lyft. Whenever the insurance company refuses to be far, our attorney take the case before a Texas jury and have your peers determine the award.

Truck And 18 Wheeler Collisions

Immediately following a trucking accident in Midland, Texas, the victim and their family is often confused on how to proceed. If you or a loved one are involved in an accident with a truck, retaining a Odessa trucking accident attorney familiar with handling big rig accidents is vitally important. Because Federal Regulation require truck drivers and fleet operators to maintain millions of dollars in liability coverage, the insurance companies defend the policy with a team of adjusters and Defense attorneys,

Attorney Brit Mitchell aggressively fights to determine the truck driver’s negligence, and having her at your side as soon as possible ensures your accident claim and recovery is handled in the most professional manner. Sometimes a truck and trailer are insured by different insurance companies, but both could be legally responsive by being found vicariously liable for the harms you suffered in the crash.

Our accident investigators often determine one or more of the following actions contributed in causing the accident to occur:

  • The driver failed to keep a proper lookout

  • Violated commercial regulations

  • Improperly loaded cargo

  • Road constructions

  • Equipment failure

  • Intoxication

Trust our extensive experience in handling these claims and to properly determine all of the at-fault parties in your accident. Attorney Bit Mitchell is deeply familiar with the tricks deployed by insurance adjusters to limit and low ball the compensation innocent drivers are receive to after an accident. We protect the critical evidence by sending spoliation letters to the trucking carrier and later requesting their policies, procedures, maintenance logs, and prior driving record.

Motorcycle Accidents

Texas Department of Transportation reports that over 6,000 bikers suffered catastrophic injury every year across the State of Texas. Insurance companies stereotype motorcyclists by claiming riders drive reckless contribute in causing traffic accidents to occur. Attorney Brit Mitchell understands local motorcycle accident laws and how to properly navigate motorcycle accident claims in Texas to the greatest benefit of each injured rider.

Determining the cause of the your accident is the most important step toward establishing liability and your opportunity to recover medical bills, motorcycle replacement, lost income, non-economic damages, and more. Most motorbike accidents are caused by distracted drivers, which includes speeding, breaking roadway rules, and texting and driving. Motorcycles are also vulnerable to brake failure, failed maintenance, and negligent roadway defects caused by a local governmental agency or construction company.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in a traffic accident compared to passenger vehicle occupants. Common injuries to motorcyclists includes scarring and disfigurement, shoulder injuries, crush injuries, paralysis, eye and vision loss injuries, spinal cord injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, and amputations.

Pedestrian Injuries

Most collisions that injury pedestrians in Midland occurs in neighborhoods. If you were an injured bicyclist, jogger, commuter, or are the parent of a child hit by a car, Brit Mitchell can help today. Under the Texas Transportation Code, drivers are required to yield at all pedestrian controlled signals. Pedestrians also have the right of way on all marked crosswalks. Additionally, our personal injury attorney are often successful at obtaining settlement awards when pedestrians are hit in areas where drivers should anticipate people being on the street or road, like children playing in neighborhoods or near school, or bicyclists crossing streets to access nearby bike paths.

If you believe a driver failed to take necessary precautions and hit you or a loved one, contact Sneed & Mitchell. Attorney Brit Mitchell and her team will conduct a timely investigations to determine why the accident happened, help calculate your losses and future damages, identify all forms of compensations, and handle all aspects of the claim filing process for you.

Our Midland attorneys are skilled and experienced trial lawyers. Attorney Brit Mitchell is a specialist and know how to prepare case for success in the courtroom. Allow our knowledge to which gives you leverage when we negotiate with insurance companies for your full injury settlement.

Dangerous Roads And Intersections

Although any road could in Texas is potentially be dangerous, certain highways, streets, and intersections are places where more serious accidents occur. Below are some of the most dangerous roads for residents of Odessa and Midland, Texas.

Odessa Car Accident Attorney Brit Mitchell

If you're looking for an attorney to handle your auto accident claim, call Midland car accident attorney Brit Mitchell today. Brit has helped thousands of traffic accidents obtain full compensation after being hit be a negligent or unsafe driver. Insurance companies are required to compensate those that suffer bodily injury or property damage due to the actions of their insured.

Our attorneys will help you in secure both economic and non-economic damages caused by the collision, which includes pain and suffering, lost income, mental and emotional injuries, and permanent disfigurement. At Sneed & Mitchell, we treat clients like family by responding as quickly as possible to your calls, emails, and text communications. As one of our clients, you can expect to be well-informed and provided case status updates throughout the claims process. Our 5 Star customer rating, 99.9% overall success rate, reputation for aggressive litigation strategies provide out clients the change at a noteworthy recovery. We also offer free consultation and contact-less sign-up process, unless you need us to visit your home or hospital room.

Read about former clients and view our ratings on which provides peer-reviews and don't allow attorney to pay for awards or high ratings. Attorney Brit Mitchell is preeminent rated and award-winning. Let us assist you today!


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