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Broken Ribs From A Car Accident? Our Lawyers Can Help

Cracked ribs are common rib injury in from car accidents here in Texas. Drivers and passengers involved in forceful collisions often strike their bodies against the steering wheel column, airbags, or other interior cabin components. Many individuals who experience broken or fractured ribs often delay seeking medical attention, hoping the pain will subside on its own. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case with fractured ribs. Pain from fractured ribs can be extremely discomforting and makes it difficult for clients to breathe, lay of their sides, or even continue handling every tasks.

If you have suffered a broken rib injury in a car accident caused by another person's negligence, the Texas-based law firm of Sneed & Mitchell LLP is here to help you. Our experienced personal injury lawyers are dedicated to obtaining maximum financial compensation for victims of auto accidents, including medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Insurance companies undervalue the severity of rib fractures, making it difficult to obtain full compensation for your losses. However, our attorneys have the knowledge and resources to fight for your rights and ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation you deserve.

If you have suffered a rib fracture in a car accident in Texas, contact Sneed & Mitchell for a free consultation and to hear about legal advice on your available options for a car accident settlement.

Broken Ribs From A Car Accident Our Lawyers Can Help

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How Do Rib Fractures Occur in Texas Auto Crashes?

What happens to your body in a car crash can often cause victims to suffer rib fractures as the body collides with the steering wheel due to sudden deceleration. Additionally, a collision with the dashboard during a T-bone or head on collision often causes severe damage to the ribs. Although seat belts are designed to prevent injuries during motor vehicle accidents, abrupt vehicle movements can cause them to snap a rib. While these scenarios are among the most common ways people may experience rib injuries in car accidents, every situation is unique, and it is crucial to recognize the severity of this type of injury.

Rib Injuries and Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio

  • In automobile accidents that result in broken ribs, sternum, collarbones, and neck are also commonly injured.

  • Across Texas and other states, numerous individuals suffer rib injuries in car crashes.

  • Seatbelt compression is the primary reason behind rib fractures in such accidents.

  • Broken rib injuries often exhibit symptoms such as swollen abdomen, difficulty breathing, lacerations, or broken skin, and dizziness.

  • The medical costs associated with treating broken ribs can amount to thousands of dollars, including emergency room visits, physician consultations, prescriptions, and rehabilitative care.

Common Chest and Rib Injuries in Texas Car Accidents

The most common rib fractures in car accidents are fractures here in Texas, but some severe chest injuries include:

Aorta Rupture

A rupture of the aorta, a major artery that connects the heart to the body, is a severe injury that can occur when it tears or ruptures. Immediate medical attention is crucial for survival, as it is often fatal.

Compartment Syndrome of the Chest

Individuals who sustain significant chest trauma, such as those involved in car accidents in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Statewide may be at risk of developing this condition. Compartment syndrome occurs when swelling or fluid leakage in the chest tissue puts pressure on it, preventing blood from returning to the heart and lungs.

Pulmonary Contusions

These injuries can result from a broken rib, causing pneumothorax or hemothorax, and can lead to respiratory distress, organ failure, and even death.

Lung Lacerations

Among the most severe injuries sustained in car accidents in Texas are lung lacerations, which occur when the lungs are torn, causing fluids, air, and blood to fill the organ. Symptoms can include shortness of breath, low energy, and coughing.

Rib Cage Damage

The rib cage protects vital organs such as the heart and lungs and acts as an anchor for muscles. Rib fractures sustained in car accidents can cause muscle, tissue, and ligament damage, resulting in pain and loss of function.

Soft Tissue Damage

The chest contains numerous muscles and tendons that can be damaged in a car accident, causing severe pain and taking a long time to heal. Symptoms may include difficulty breathing, pain and strain in muscles, tendons, and ribs, swelling in the chest or abdomen, and an inability to move certain parts of the body due to pain.

Fractured Clavicle and Sternum

Collarbone breaks are a common injury resulting from car accidents, while sternum fractures are less common but more serious, potentially damaging the heart, lungs, trachea, and blood vessels.

Symptoms of Chest Injuries

Chest injuries can range from minor to severe, with broken ribs being a common type of serious chest injury sustained in car accidents. Symptoms may include unusual breathing patterns, difficulty swallowing or speaking, unusual coughing or wheezing, swelling or bruising around the rib cage area, and chest pain.

It is critical to seek medical care as soon as possible after sustaining chest injuries in a car accident, as delaying treatment can complicate health problems and decrease the chances of a favorable personal injury claim outcome.

Treatment for Broken Ribs After a Texas Auto Accident

Rib fractures sustained in an auto accident can cause excruciating pain initially and persist for longer than anticipated. Fortunately, several medical treatments are available to alleviate the pain and discomfort, including the following:

  1. Surgery: This option is reserved for cases where the rib fractures pose a severe, life-threatening risk, or other injuries like a collapsed lung.

  2. Medications: Healthcare providers may prescribe painkillers to manage discomfort during the recovery period. Depending on the injury's severity, doctors may recommend high-dose prescriptions.

  3. Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy: These treatments aim to minimize long-term discomfort by increasing muscle flexibility and bone strength after a car accident.

  4. Casts and Splints: If ribs are broken, healthcare providers may recommend immobilization through casts and splints until the area heals.

  5. Incline and Elevation: This approach can reduce pain and suffering by easing breathing difficulties.

  6. Hospitalization: In severe rib injury cases, hospitalization may be necessary until the victim is well enough for home care.

However, these treatments come with significant costs in terms of medical expenses and lost wages. Contact one of our car accident attorneys today to discuss ways to seek relief for some of these expenses.

Things To Do After Suffering Broken Bones In A Car Accident

Delayed or improper healing is a significant concern for rib fractures. Broken ribs are challenging to treat and also require ample time and rest to heal naturally.

However, preventing complications is more difficult if you have an underlying chronic condition that affects your immune system. Seeking prompt medical attention from your healthcare providers is crucial to closely monitor your progress if you're in this health category.

Healthcare providers will likely suggest some general guidelines to enhance your chances of making a full recovery, which includes:

  • Avoiding smoking

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Refraining from bending over

  • Not engaging in strenuous activities

  • Getting adequate rest

  • Staying hydrated

  • Consuming a nutritious diet for adequate energy during recovery

Following a car accident, it's is also crucial to have a dependable personal injury attorney you can rely on to represent your interests, allowing you to focus on your health and well-being.

Factors Impacting The Case Value in Texas Car Crash Claims

Although it's impossible to accurately determine the exact worth of your rib fracture case, certain factors can give you an idea of what your claim might be worth if you suffer a rib injury in a car accident in Texas. Here are a few things that can influence the value of your case in automobile litigation:

  • Long-term pain or disability

  • Scarring or disfigurement

  • Significant medical expenses or a decrease in earning capacity

While other factors can also impact the value of your car accident case, considering these ones can help establish a foundation for analyzing your claim.

Car Accident Rib Fracture: Awards and Settlements

We have compiled a list of sample auto accident settlements and verdicts regarding rib fractures. Reach out to us to learn more.

Car Accident Settlement

A 50-year-old man was involved in a head-on collision and suffered several rib fractures, a moderate shoulder injury, and temporary paralysis, along with other injuries. He required surgery and was unable to work for several months as a commercial truck driver as a result of his injuries. After negotiating with the defendant's insurance company, Attorney Brit Mitchell was able to secure a settlement of $450,000 for his economic and non-economic damages.

Slip and Fall Accident Settlement

A 25-year-old woman slipped and fell in an unlit staircase while a guest in an Airbnb, suffering several broken ribs, a minor crush Injury, and other medical complication. The insurance carrier initially denied coverage, requiring our lawyers to hire an accident reconstruction expert to recreate the scene. Attorney Niles Sneed was able to secure a hard-fought recovery of $375,000 to cover her medical expenses, lost wages, and ongoing pain and suffering.

Negligence Security Settlement

A 65-year-old man was assaulted outside of a bar and suffered several broken ribs, eye injuries, and emotional distress. He required surgery and a lengthy hospital stay, and was left with ongoing pain and limitations in his daily activities. His attorney filed a lawsuit against the bar and the assailant, and after a lengthy legal battle, was able to secure a settlement of $500,000 to cover his medical expenses, lost wages, and ongoing pain and suffering.

Help Making a Rib Injury Compensation Claim

After experiencing fractured ribs from a car accident, the next step is to find a good lawyer to seek guidance regarding your rights. Personal injury claims require different burdens of proof, such as claims involving negligence or strict liability. Rib fracture claims often involve policy limits demands, so it's important to have an attorney determine the value of your personal injury case. During the consultation, we will ask you questions and discuss your injury determine your options.

Although discussing your injury may be challenging, we will only inquire about what is necessary to assess your eligibility for a bruised or fractured rib claim. If we believe that you have a potential broken or fractured rib claim, we will request your permission.

If you are contemplating pursuing a claim for broken ribs, it is essential to know that medical evidence is required before we can proceed with seeking compensation. This evidence may include medical records or reports from doctor's appointments, but other types of evidence may be acceptable. To have a free no-obligation consultation with one our attorney and Sneed & Mitchell LLP, contact our today at 866-434-0014. And remember we handle each case on a contingency basis, meaning you pay no fees until your claim is successful!

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