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women top lawyer for personal injury in Texas

Attorney Brit Mitchell



Female Personal Injury Lawyer Brit Mitchell

When women are hurt in personal injury accidents in Texas, they seek out attorney Brit Mitchell for her unrivaled talent and experience. 

Women experience certain circumstances that require a female personal injury lawyer. A woman with significant scarring after suffering a life-altering catastrophic injury; an assault and attack survivor suing her landlord for hiring the convicted criminal who attacked her; a women who lost her child or ability to bear children from a fall or trucking accident, a women who suffered damaged breast implants due to a forceful impact, a class action lawsuit against a medical product manufacturer such as Similac – all of these scenarios and more are situations where women feel more comfortable discussing details with another women.


Female personal injury lawyer Brit Mitchell isn’t just one of the Top Women Lawyers in the State of Texas, she’s one of the Best Plaintiff’s lawyers overall and women regularly seek her out for her intimate understanding of the medical and emotional women suffer as a result of serious injury event. 


Brit Mitchell has secured millions for female injury victims in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and through the State of Texas. You don't have to suffer in silence. Brit Mitchell ensures that her clients are held fully accountable for their unsafe, negligent, or reckless actions and forces companies to provide clients full compensation under the law. 


​Ask to speak with Brit Mitchell directly by calling (866)434-0014, or fill out our contact form she will contact you today. And remember, there is never a charge for consultations and you owe our law firm nothing until we are victorious for you.

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Attorney Brit Mitchell founded one of the few women-owned Texas Law Firms

When women go looking for a female personal injury lawyer, they often struggle to find one. An ABA study titled First Chairs at Trial: More Women Need Seats at the Table, discovered that women represent only just 32% of lawyers of all lawyers in civil cases nationwide, and only 27% are the lead trial attorneys in the Courtroom. 

 Attorney Brit Mitchell is both a Texas trial lawyer and serves the lead trial attorney in 100% of the cases she handles. Brit Mitchell founded her law firm in 2015 and in six years has expanded across the State of Texas and litigated personal injury claims involving women victims in all of the largest counties in Texas, including Harris County, Dallas County, Travis County, and beyond.

Common Injuries Brit Mitchell Assists Handles

The accident injuries our firm typically handles on behalf on injured women includes:

Head Injuries


Head injuries can be classified in a number of ways, depending on the cause, the location, and the severity. Beyond a concussion, caused by the brain sustaining a forceful impact, additional complications include brain stem injuries, anoxic and hypoxic brain damage, skull fractures, and even traumatic brain injuries.


Spinal Cord Injuries 


Spinal cord injuries are also common in trucking accidents. These types of injuries can occur when the spine is fractured or dislocated, leading to partial or complete paralysisBulging disks

Breast Implant Injuries


Breast implants are not without their risks, and some women have experienced serious injuries as a result of their implants. In some cases, the breast implant injury is due to a rupture, causing pain and swelling. In other cases, the surrounding tissue can become infected or damaged. 

Bone Fractures 


​When a bone is fractured, it means that the continuous flow of force along the bone has been disrupted from blunt force trauma. This can happen due to a direct blow, sudden twisting movement, or fall onto a hard surface. In some cases, the fractured bone may even be shattered into multiple pieces. A smashed bone equates to a crush injuries, causing additional health complications. Fractures can also be complicated is sustained to areas such as the skull, sternum, or spine. 

Limb Injuries 

One of the most complicated injuries that a person can suffer is a limb injury. This type of injury can range from a simple shoulder and rotator cuff damage to a more complex amputations. In some cases, the limb may be so badly damaged that it needs to be completely removed. Limb injuries can occur in any number of ways, but they are often the result of an accident or violence. Treatment for a limb injury can be very complex and often requires surgery, especially in cases of a degloving

Wrongful Death Cases

wrongful death case occurs when a person dies as the result of another person or entity's negligence or wrongdoing. In order to bring a wrongful death claim, the victim's survivors must be able to show that the death was caused by the defendant's negligence and that they have suffered financial damages as a result. ​​​​

The Important of Hiring a Female Personal Injury Lawyer

Scarring and Disfigurement Injuries: Serious personal injury events often leave women with unique scarring that can stand as constant reminders of the physical and emotional pain experienced in the accident. In most cases, a scar excision, skin graft, or additionally advanced technique from a plastic surgeon can greatly improve the appearance of scars and blend the area in with the surrounding skin tone and texture. 


Attorney Brit Mitchell understands the sensitivities of women dealing with unsightly scarring and disfigurement after experiencing traumatic events that require surgery or lacerations that poorly healed. Brit Mitchell regularly forces insurance companies to provide clients full compensation in claims that include scarring so that the costs associated with a plastic surgeon's treatment is included in any settlement or verdict. 


Traumatic Brain Injury Accidents: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as “a disruption in the normal function of the brain that can be caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, or penetrating head injury.” Of the nearly 2 million tbi-related injuries that occur annually in the United States, studies show that the men and women are affected differently, female-specific effects include the hormonal changes often following TBI that can lead to osteoporosis, along with increased complications multi-tasking. Women are also more prone to report emotional effects following personal injury events that cause traumatic brain injuries. 


Pregnancy Complications: Personal injury accidents can cause routine pregnancies to become high-risk as a result of the impact and trauma experienced to a women’s body. Attorney Brit Mitchell comes from a medical background and understand the possible complications pregnant mother’s are susceptible to, including:

  • Miscarriages. When a female client is injured in a vehicle collision or similar incident causing her to sustain a forceful impact during her first trimester, the resulting trauma can cause her to lose the baby.

  • Birthing defects. Sometimes, the impact experienced in the personal injury event causes direct injury to the baby, or a premature birth to result which can lead to serious physical injuries or bone fractures

  • Placental abruption. When female clients suffer abdominal trauma it sometimes causes the placenta to partially or fully disconnect from the uterine wall. Clients suffering from placental abruption after a personal injury accident suffer abdominal pain, lumbar pains, vaginal bleeding, and premature delivery. Additionally serious complications that can result include:​​

  • Hysterectomy. In cases where the bleeding continues after delivery, a mother may require hysterectomy. This procedure extends the healing time and also prevents her from being able to birth children in the future. 

  • Cesarean section. Placental abruption can also lead to significant blood loss, necessitating a cesarean section to save the mother’s life.

  • Brain damage to the Baby. The placenta provides oxygen to the unborn baby’s brain, so any abruption results in a loss of oxygen which causes cognitive problems and physical disabilities. 

Damaged Breast Implant Injuries: More often than expected, women suffer ruptured breast implants after a car accident or pedestrian accident after experiencing direct trauma to the breast. In some the failure of a seat belt to engage during a crash causes a woman's body to travel forward and collide with the steering wheel, airbag, or other parts of the vehicle. Saline breast implants injuries after an automobile accident in Texas are more easy to detect and result from deflation over the course of a day or week following the accident.


The saline is absorbed into the body and generally safely absorbed. When silicone implants are rupture after a personal injury event, many women do not feel any symptoms and only detect changes if the silicone gel escapes the fiber capsule, and causes lumps to form in the breast, decreased breast size, hard lumps, unevenness, pain or tenderness, swelling, burning, or changes in sensations. 


Most of our female clients would never feel comfortable sending pictures of their damaged implants to a male attorney, Brit Mitchell understands this and has every female client send photos, mammogram results, CT scans, ultrasound records directly to her, privately. 

As a female, Brit Mitchell has more than just a medical understanding of pregnancy complications, she is also attune to emotional and psychological experience of women suffering from pregnancy complications. 

What should a women do after suffering injuries in an accident?

As women, it is natural to feel upset, worried, and stressed after any kind of personal injury accident, but our firm is here in help. After experiencing an accident, the following steps will help protect both your health and potential compensation recovery: 

  1. Call the police. If you're able to dial 911 for emergency assistance. A responding office will assist in drafting a report that will also aid your attorney in gathering the evidence needed to determine liability and strength your chances of having a successful claim.

  2. Remain Still. If your injuries appear significant, or if you feel extreme discomfort , remain still to avoid aggravating your injuries or causing additional complications to occur. This is especially necessary when feeling discomfort to your head, neck, chest and back. 

  3. Seeking Medical AttentionEven if you injuries aren't visible, seek emergency assistance. Certain injuries, such as brain injuries, or internal bleeding can only be detected through X-rays, MRI's, or CT scans. 

  4. Collect Witness Information. If you can, collect all names and contact information of those that may have witnessed the accident, along with the at-fault driver's information.

  5. Photograph The Scene.  Take pictures of the scene and location for your records and potential claim. Street signs, objects that caused your injuries, safety reports, incident reports, and any form of visual evidence will later support your claim. 

  6. Do Not Discuss Liability With An Insurance Adjuster. You are not required to provide an insurance company or claims examiner with a recorded statement, you should wait you have legal representation to provide your side of the store. 

  7. Keep a diary. Soon after experiencing an accident it is best to write down every detail of how your injuries occur, each detail you can remember. Memories fade over time and a dairy becomes crucial to refresh your memory and reconstruct the accident. 

  8. Secure Legal CounselSeek out the expertise a Texas personal injury attorney with experience handling you exact type of injuries or damages. 


Attorney Brit Mitchell prides herself championing for injured women and has dedicated her practice towards advocating for women's rights to ensure that each client's women's stories are effectively heard. With aggressive and sophisticated legal services,  Brit Mitchell and her team of personal injury lawyers are proud to provide consistent, professional excellence and successful results for our clients across Texas.

What type of damages does Attorney Brit Mitchell help clients obtain?

Brit Mitchell has built a reputation on securing award-winning results for women in their times of greatest need. When you need experienced legal representation, turn to Brit Mitchell and Sneed|Mitchell LLP. Our firm is committed to fighting for the rights of women and securing the maximum amount of compensation within each damage category:


Were you or a loved one injured due to another's negligence? It's time to contact Personal Injury Lawyer Brit Mitchell. Brit Mitchell has earned a reputation even amongst lawyers and Judges for ensuring that the needs of women are highlighted in the cases she handles. Our firm often receives referrals from peers within the National Trial Lawyers, The National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firm, the American Bar Association, and the Texas Bar Association. 


Call for a free case evaluation with Brit and discover how we can help you seek justice and rebuild you life. As always, you owe our firm nothing until we are victorious on your behalf. 



Never settle your claim too early!

Insurance companies aim to pay as little of a claim as they can and quickly contact victims to settle the claim before a person realizes the extent of their injuries. Other times, injuries or Defense lawyers try to convince clients that their claim has no value, or that the victim contributed in causing their own injuries. 

Don't face the aftermath of an accident alone. Too many injured women across Texas settle their claim without realizing the extent of their injuries, which erases their ability to ever obtain full compensation.


To determine if you have a case, need to have a consultation with a qualified personal injury lawyer, and obtaining legal advice through websites such as Avvo does not suffice. Before settling your personal injury claim, attorney Brit Mitchell can analyze the situation and may determine that it's in your best interest to fight for a greater recovery. Her staff also has prior insurance negotiators that understand the many tactics Defendant's play and to belittle your claim. Contact our offices today for a free, confidential consultation.

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"If you're looking for someone that cares about you as person, this is who you should call." 

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Top Women's Personal Injury Lawyer Brit Mitchell 

Top Women's personal injury lawyer Brit Mitchell regularly assists women that have suffered serious injury due to another's negligent actions. Female victims in legal scenarios appreciate the empathy and comfort from having a female attorney, and seek out Brit Mitchell for her proven record of success helping women secure full compensation for their injuries and damages. 

Brit Mitchell knows exactly how impactful and devastating serious injuries can be for women, and will champion for your success. Her record of outstanding representation has earned her a 5-star rating on Google and AVVO. But, watch our client testimonials to hear from clients like you that have obtained award-winning results. 

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