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Why you need an attorney handling Progressive insurance claims

If you were recently involved in an auto collision, the process of filing an insurance claim can be daunting. People often wonder why an attorney is needed, but if the other driver has Progressive Insurance Company, handling the claim to have your vehicle repaired and medical bills covered is not as easy as many assume. If fact, people are often unaware that Progressive is the No. 1 commercial auto insurer in the United States, but is routinely ranked among top worst insurance companies in america." With this track record, victims pursuing compensation from Progressive can expect that securing an adequate settlement claim from their auto accident injuries and damages can be difficult.

You don't have to fight a large insurance company alone. In you need help filing an insurance claim against Progressive, call Sneed & Mitchell. We aren't called The Injury Team for nothing, our personal injury attorneys regularly.

Progressive Insurance Claim

About Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance company has been insuring passenger vehicles, motorcycles, RVs, trailers, boats and commercial vehicles for almost 90 years. Since the company's inception the company has grown exponentially and currently insures over 13 million polices. Although the 2021 television campaign, "At Home With Baker Mayfield" help create an image of the company being approachable and easy going, if you’ve been injured in an auto accident by a Progressive driver, you might quickly think otherwise. The companies extensive success and industry-leading profit margin comes from them offering low-ball settlements to those hurt in a car accident and filing a claim for benefits against Progressive.

Be Prepared After a Car Accident

After a car accident, the moments that follow can be stressful and overwhelming. Call your local police department, as well as emergency services. The responding police officers with later provide your attorney an accident report with includes the other driver's insurance information and the officer's assessment of the factors that contributed in causing the crash. If you feel any pain or new sensations, it is best to inform the paramedics that you would like to be treated at a nearby hospital. When discussing the accident with the police, you should only discuss how the accident occurred, and not who you believe was liable for causing the collision. If you learn that the other other drivers is insured by Progressive, hesitate before contacting the insurance company without legal representation. You need the skilled services of Sneed & Mitchell to ensure of opportunity of receiving fair and just compensation for your injuries and damages.

What Happens After You Open A Claim?

The insurance adjusters at Progressive use various methods to mathematically determine the dollar amount of your bodily injury settlement. The problem is that insurance adjusters and their computer claim analysis programs are designed to limit bodily injury payouts. If you've been injuries in a car accident, having the medical liens satisfied and the medical bills fully covered is not straight forward and requires a lawyer experienced at obtaining full and fair compensation for innocent drivers.

This is how Progressive's claim handlers analyze your claim:

  • They note the first date you receive medical care, and reduce the value of your claim if treatment isn't occur within 72 hours of the collision.

  • They review the type of medical care your receive. Did you require the care of an orthopedic surgeon, or determine your injuries where less serious and see a chiropractor?

  • The duration of your treatment and rehabilitation.

  • The type of medication(s) you were provided.

  • The qualifications of the doctors that assistances in your recover process.

  • Any time you missed at work, including any missed incentives, bonuses, or more.

  • The reasonable and customary cost of medical care in your surrounding area.

Re-read the last item. Understand that Progressive has received and analyzed bills from every medical provider in your city and will attempt to utilize previous billing data to provide you a less than fair settlement. If you need help filing an insurance claim against Progressive Insurance, contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

Low-Impact Bodily Injury Settlements

After Progressive's insurance adjusters complete a coverage investigation and set their case reserves based upon the degree of your injuries, you an expect an adjuster to attempt to attribute some portion of blame to you. Oftentimes, even when Progressive's insured is indicated as being liable on the police report, the company will still contact the innocent party and request a recorded statement. Lawyers normally do not allow their clients to undergo recorded statements because these calls are designed to skew the truth and make it appear like the safe driver contributed in causing their own injuries.

Progressive has a tendency to offer nuisance fees or low settlement sums for claims they consider "low-impact" collisions". However, the company does not reveal any set measurements for how this classification is made. Instead, claims handlers look for injuries that are easy to dispute, like concussions or whiplash, and deny liability in these situations to force a lawsuit to be filed. Other-times, in cases of significant physical injury adjuster try to consider the crash "low impact" based on what they consider to be only mild or moderate property damage (repair costs).

Don't risk your recovery trying to fight Progressive on your own. We understand of tactics of insurance adjusters and how to overcome each attempt to consider your claim less valuable.

Progressive Insurance Claim
Progressive Insurance Claim

Protect Yourself During a Progressive Insurance Claim

Don't risk your opportunity to be secure a proper settlement for how a reckless motorist has impacted your life. Hire a lawyer that regularly obtains notable settlements and jury verdicts large insurance companies. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, a professional personal injury lawyer from Sneed Mitchell can assist you through the auto accident claims process. If Progressive refuses to offer sums that include the full scope of economic and non-economic damages, we will take them to court and have a jury decide.

At Sneed & Mitchell, we understand how these large corporations work. Contact our Progressive car accident lawyers today at 866-434-0014. During your free consultation a skilled attorney will review the facts of your accident and inform your of your rights and options moving forward.


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