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Texas Moped Laws (in 2022)

Driving is not the only mode of transportation in Texas. When the weather is pleasant, many people opt for mopeds are also modes of transportation. Mopeds, which includes motor-assisted scooters, have less gas, emit less pollution, and are easier to park in urban areas than vehicles. If you plan to ride a moped in Texas in 2022, you must adhere to the traffic regulations set by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Otherwise, you risk receiving a traffic infraction – or worse, being involved in an accident.

Texas Moped Laws
Moped laws in Texas allow several mopeds to "control the lane", similar to motorcycles.


What Is a Moped?

Mopeds are referred to in Texas law as low-power scooters with an internal combustion engines. In our state, a moped is further defined as a self-propelled vehicle with pedals and no more than three wheels. A moped has a cylinder capacity of less than 50 cubic centimeters (if powered by an engine) or wattage of fewer than 4,476 watts (if electric). A moped is a unique type of vehicle that does not fall into the same category as a motor vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, or motorized bicycle.

Do I Need a Special License To Ride A Moped?

In the state of Texas, you must have a valid driver's license or minor driver's license to operate a moped. However, unlike a motorcycle, a moped does not require a special class of license to operate. A standard driver's license is acceptable. To operate a moped on public roads, you must register it. Before registering your moped, ensure that you have adequate auto insurance.

Do I Have to Wear a Helmet In Texas?

If you are 18 years old or older, you are not required to wear a helmet while operating or riding a moped in Texas unless you complete a special safety course offered by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and demonstrate that you have health insurance.

Numerous organizations, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation, recommend helmets as the first line of defense against serious head and brain injuries in a traffic accident. Wearing a helmet while riding a moped could help you avoid a fatal injury in a mopped collision.

Can Mopeds Drive On The Highway?

In Texas, it is illegal to ride a moped on any interstate. Similarly, if you are riding a motorized bicycle or an electric scooter, you must adhere to the same rules. While mopeds must adhere to many of Texas' standard traffic laws, they do not have the same road rights as vehicles. It is illegal to ride a moped on an interstate or limited-access road unless the road allows bicycles.

On city streets and in residential neighborhoods, the majority of people ride mopeds. It is illegal to ride a moped on a sidewalk. However, in Texas, mopeds are permitted to be driven in designated bicycle lanes. When riding a moped on the road, you must adhere to all traditional traffic signals and roadway rules. This category includes stoplights, speed limits, and rights-of-way. You must drive in the same direction as the flow of traffic.

What Is the Texas Law on E-Scooters?

It is legal to ride an electric scooter on public streets in Texas, and currently, you do not need a driver's license to do so. However, e-scooters are only legal on roads with speed limits at or below 35 miles per hour. It is generally riskier to operate an e-scooter on the sidewalk, as this puts pedestrians' safety at risk.

For the time being, those under the age of 16 may ride electric scooters. Having said that, the majority of e-scooter rental companies require riders to scan their driver's licenses before allowing them to unlock the vehicle. Most companies will not rent an e-scooter to a rider without a valid ID. E-scooters can be extremely dangerous for children. You should not use your driver's license to unlock an e-scooter for a minor under 16.

I Was Hit By A Car While On My Moped

If you are involved in a moped accident in Texas, the step you preform after the accidents are important to secure compensation from negligent or unsafe driver. First, while at the scene, you need to determine the motorists identity by contacting local police and also asking for the driver's insurance card and drivers license. Take a picture of both documents so that an attorney can later assist you by filing a claim with the other party's auto insurance company. You may be entitled to compensation for property damage, personal injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages available under Texas Law.

If an insurance company denies your claim unfairly, you may need to hire an accident attorney in Denver. A frequent reason for settlement denial is the comparative fault defense. The insurance company asserts that you were more than half at fault for the collision, effectively barring you from recovery. A Houston personal injury attorney could assist you in defending your rights and pursuing justice after a serious moped accident in Texas.

Texas Moped Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved a car accident, call Texas moped accident attorney Niles Sneed today. Niles has experience helping accident victims get the compensation they deserve after a devastating collision with a car or truck. Negligent motorist have a legal duty to watch for moped operators and drive their vehicle in a safe manner.

If you weren't involved in an accident and just have additional questions regarding the proper and safer operation of a moped on Texas roads, we can also help by providing you guidance and additional helpful resources. Thank you for visiting our information blog and allowing us to inform you about moped safety.


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