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Settlement Obtained Against Johnny Carino's!

Congratulations goes to attorney Brit Mitchell who spearheaded this long fought campaign against the restaurant and its general liability insurance carrier in this premises liability action. This settlement figure marks the second largest return for our firm and is now a benchmark moving forward.

On July 9, 2018, our client entered Johnny Carino’s Italian Restaurant to have dinner with her family. While partially through consuming an Ice Cream Sundae dessert purchased at the establishment she suffered lacerations to inside of her mouth and then realized that she had consumed shards of glass. She had previously assumed particles atop the Sundae were chips of ice or a similarly edible substance.

Important to note: Our client was provided an incident report on the date of injury that includes an accident prevention questionnaire. In response to the question, “What action has been taken to prevent a similar injury?” A Supervisor wrote, “Making sure that we keep the lid on the ice cream tub.”

Our client was rushed to Altus - Lake Jackson Emergency Center  at 200 Oak Street in Lake Jackson, Texas. The doctors initially opinionated that the shards of glass could pass through her digestive tract without causing additional problems within 24 to 48 hours. Ms. DeLeon was instructed to contact a health provider if stomach pains, cramps, vomiting, or a fever resulted.

Although x-ray imaging was unable to detect the foreign bodies, our client suffered symptoms experiencing consistent with glass ingestion, causing attorney Brit Mitchell to fight to injuries that couldn't be directly proven even by the medical records.

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