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Odessa Car Accident Lawyer Brit Mitchell

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact Odessa car accident lawyer Brit Mitchell today. Brit handles regularly handles auto accident and can protect your legal rights while helping your secure maximum compensation for your injuries and damages. Let our top-rated legal team handle your complex injury and accident case and can guide you through the legal process. We offer a contact-less signup process, convenient locations throughout Texas, referrals to medical assistance near your home or work, and much more. Learn how the best and most experienced Odessa car accident attorney can help you today. Contact us today for your free no-obligation case consultation.

Brit Mitchell has an extensive history of recovering maximum compensation for Odessa accident victims injured in all types of traffic accidents. Whether you were rear-ended in a car accident on Interstate 20 or hit on a motorized scooter in a private shopping plaza in West Odessa, we are dedicated to providing you unmatched legal representation. Don't risk your recovery on an attorney that isn't rated on the best in the State. Attorney Brit Mitchell and her team of personal injury lawyers at Sneed & Mitchell serve those injured in Odessa and Midland and will can put our experience, resources, and experts, to work for you.

Don't allow an insurance company to offer you pennies for your pain and suffering. Our lawyers regularly obtain full compensation for our clients against Geico, USAA, Progressive, any every other insurance company operating in the State of Texas. Let us handle everything for you.

car accident lawyer brit mitchell

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Car Accidents

Car accidents in Odessa occur at alarming rates due to the negligence of other drivers and the increasing amount of construction and traffic congestion as our cities continues to grow. From rear-end collisions caused drivers that failed to maintain a proper lookout, to T-bone collisions caused by drunk drivers that had been drinking at a local bar, a serious car crash quickly alters the injured driver or passenger's life. You could have suffered injuries, or a loved one or friend may have been injured or even lost their lives. When people need legal representation to advocate for the impact a car accident has had on your life, we are there to help.

Brit Mitchell understands the physical pain, emotional stress, and economic impact the aftermath of an accident have on victims and their families. Automobile accidents can instantly cause surmounting medical bills, extensive property bills, lost wages, life-long disfigurement, pain and suffering, and other damages. In additional, insurance adjusters begin contacting the innocent person in an attempt to secure a recorded statement or offer a premature and nominal amount to settle the claim. Don't fall for the tactics of an insurance company or their insurance adjusters.

Whether you were a driver, passenger, motorcyclist, pedestrian, or jogger, we have a long history of assisting people like you. Brit know exactly how traumatizing and stressful a car accident can be. If your loved one lost their life in an accident and you have questions regarding the options of filing a wrongful lawsuit, choose Odessa's most experienced car accident lawyer. Call us today.

Truck And 18 Wheeler Collisions

In Odessa, trucks and 18 wheelers accident are occurring with increasingly frequency as greater Austin continues to expand. A mix of increasing construction on our roads, traffic congestion, and fatigued or distracted commercial truck drivers leads to seriously and potentially fatal injuries for innocent motorists and their passengers. An unsafe or negligent 18 wheeler driver may crash into your vehicle while you're traveling along Interstate Highway 20 or Loop 338. Although city ordinances don't allow through-traffic with trucks within city limits, tractor trailers, semis, and trucks weighing 10,000 pounds use these two highways everyday to reach their destination.

What many accident victims don't know is that the trucking industry is federally regulated in order to protect motorists. Some of the regulations include a limitations of the hours a commercial driver can operate without resting, cargo weight requirements, scheduled maintenance checks, and pre-trip inspections. After an accident, an experienced truck accident attorney needs to obtain the electronic data from the trucks black box to determine of the truck operator was speeding or failed to break. An attorney can also request the company's records to determine if any additional violation occurred.

After a truck or 18 wheeler accident, a trucking company of fleet operator has one goal: to protect their commercial insurance policy. Despite generally having insurance coverage limits of at-least $500,000 dollars, most insurance company that handle trucking accidents won't even accept fault for the collision. Instead, they use significant resources to dispute liability and protect their insured. Attorney Brit Mitchell handles trucking accidents in Odessa and has the resources needed to aggressively build a strong case against the trucking company and fight for your maximum compensation.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents happen fast in Odessa, but the impact of a collision between a motorcycle and a larger vehicle can change life forever. Due to the unprotected nature of motorcycle riders, even a low-speed collision can result in serious injuries even when wearing a helmet and other protective gear. At The Herrera Law Firm, we understand that motorcyclists often can do nothing to prevent their accident from happening and fight tirelessly to protect the rights of motorcyclists injured in accidents.

What causes motorcycle wrecks in Odessa? Motorcycle crashes have a variety of different causes. Typically, a motorist may claim he or she simply failed to see a motorcycle before an accident occurred. The driver may have been distracted by a cell phone while switching lanes. Perhaps the negligent person was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, recklessly shifting lanes or speeding. However, even if you've done nothing wrong, you may face a serious uphill battle. The driver who caused your crash may deny responsibility for the accident, and the insurance company may argue you should receive less compensation than you truly deserve.

We don't think that's fair. That's why we're here. Our experienced accident attorneys work tirelessly to uncover the true causes of Odessa motorcycle wrecks and hold negligent parties accountable for their behavior.

Pedestrian Injuries

When pedestrians are hit by cars in Odessa, legal counsel accustomed to representing commuters, joggers, and bicyclists, is needed to fully hold the at-fault motorist accountable. Pedestrians have no protection when struck by vehicle. So those that survive accidents involving cars, trucks, buses, or other motor vehicles often suffer catastrophic injuries. It is typical for victims to require ambulatory assistance, emergency surgeries, and at least the care of plastic surgeon in the future to address any scarring, burns, or other disfigurement injuries.

Although many assume the operator of the car is automatically liable to striking a pedestrian, this isn't always the case under Texas law. Attorney Brit Mitchell must still prove the victim was innocent and that the driver is legally responsible by showing how the motorists was negligence. Oftentimes the driver was distracted, drunk, or engaged in a traffic violation at the time of the impact and therefore could have prevented the crash.

Odessa Car Accident Attorney Brit Mitchell

If you have been in a traffic accident accident, call Odessa car accident attorney Brit Mitchell now. Brit has experience helping accident victims get the compensation they deserve after a serious motor vehicle accident accident. Motorists have a legal duty to operate their vehicles in a safe manner. Our lawyers will make sure the at-fault driver is help fully accountable for your injuries and losses.

Allow Brit Mitchell and her team to make the legal process stress-free. Don't risk your right of compensation dealing with an attorney that doesn't have a record of award-winning recoveries for victims. Our personal injury attorneys will assist you in obtaining both economic and non-economic damages, which includes pain and suffering, lost wages, lost earnings, mental trauma, and permanent disfigurement or disability. Call us today to begin your recovery!

As always, consultations are completely free and our attorneys have a 99.9% success rate. We also offer contact-less sign-up process and have locations near you for your convenience.


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