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No Win, No Fee Lawyer in Houston, TX | Personal Injury Attorney

A severe accident can strain you both financially and physically here in Houston, Texas. While you might recognize your right to compensation for your injuries and damages, the thought of affording a personal injury lawyer in Houston could deter you. At Sneed & Mitchell LLP., we understand the financial challenges you face following a traumatic incident. This is why attorney Niles Sneed makes our initial consultation and support of your personal injury claim free of any initial costs to you. We are only paid if we successfully secure compensation on your behalf.

No win no fee lawyer Houston, Texas personal injury

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What Is A "No Win No Fee" Personal Injury Lawyer?

A “No win, no fee” personal injury lawyer is an attorney that handles tort claims on a contingency fee basis, which means the attorney only receives payment if your case is successfully resolved. Under his fee arrangement personal injury lawyers do not receive money for their services if your case does not reach a settlement or jury award. The lawyer's pay is entirely contingent upon whether the client receives compensation.

The Texas Professional Conduct Guidelines allow for contingency fees exclusively in civil matters. Before engaging an attorney, the exact percentage of this fee must be established. This fee should be explicitly mentioned in the related agreement.

What Type of Cases Do No Win No Fee Lawyers Accept?

Personal injury attorneys that handle cases on No Win No Fee arrangements accept a wide range of cases involving harm resulting from accidents, carelessness, negligence or intentional misconduct. Such injuries can be physical, emotional, or mental in nature. These injury claims are distinct from property damage claims, which are treated separately.

At Sneed & Mitchell Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston, they manage various personal injury cases, including:

Attorney Niles Sneed is a contingency fee lawyer in Houston, Texas and handles a wide variety of personal injury cases. If you were injured due to the unsafe actions of anothe person or entity, call attorney Sneed today.

The Benefits of Using a No Win No Fee Lawyer

Personal injury clients can gain several advantages of using a no win no fee lawyer for their cases, including:

No Upfront Costs

There are low upfront costs, which makes securing a lawyer feasible for victims who might be facing financial constraints due to their injury. While there might be minimal fees initially, most of the legal expenses come only after a successful outcome in your favor. Personal injury victims do not have to worry about the financial impacts legal matters can have on their personal finances. Since there are no upfront legal fees paid, your savings and financial resources remain untouched, ensuring stability in your daily life. There are fewer financial risks for victims. Even if medical bills are piling up and income is disrupted, it's possible to obtain legal representation without draining essential funds.

Incentivized Legal Services

Under this fee arrangement your lawyer is incentivized and motivated to secure a favorable outcome. Since your attorney only gets paid if they win or settle your case, there's an inherent drive to ensure positive results, either through negotiations or in court. Attorneys aiming to not just win, but also maximize a client's recovery often use policy limit demands to highlight their client's grievances.

Access To The Law Firms Resources

A contingency lawyer helps level the playing field against big insurance companies. Whether you are dealing with a maritime accident, workplace incident, slip and fall, dog bite, child injury, or trucking accident, the liable entity or their insurance carrier will always use their resources to dispute liability and attempt to prevent you from holding their at-fault party accountable. Going against large and resourceful entities can be daunting, but with an experienced lawyer taking your case on a contingency basis, you can confidently proceed.

Clear Contractual Arrangements

The amount you owe your lawyer is clarified from the start. You will be informed about the exact percentage of the compensation or settlement that will be allocated to legal fees, eliminating any surprises. Your legal fee percentage remains consistent, regardless of the case's duration. Some personal injury cases can stretch for months or even years. Having the assurance that your legal fees won't escalate as time goes on provides peace of mind during an already challenging period.

The Possible Disadvantages of These Arrangements

Some of the potential disadvantages associated with using a "no win, no fee" lawyer might include the following:

Case Merit

Lawyers working on a "no win, no fee" basis are typically more selective about the cases they take on. The professional might only choose cases they feel have a high chance of winning. However, this may not be considered a negative point to everyone. Many accident victims would rather not pay a retainer fee for legal services in claims that might not have a beneficial outcome.

Potential For Heavy Case Load

Given the nature of this payment model, some "no win, no fee" lawyers might take on a lot of cases simultaneously, hoping that a few big wins will cover the rest. This can mean less personalized attention for your case. When interviewing the potential attorney you should ask about their current case load and whether your case will be provided adequate time and attention. The attorneys at Sneed & Mitchell LLP do not accept bulks of cases at once and instead limits the number of cases being handled at any given time, which allows each accepted case to remain a priority.

That said, there are cases where "no win, no fee" arrangements are very beneficial, especially for individuals who might not have the funds to pay for legal representation upfront. Always ensure you understand the terms of any agreement with a lawyer and consider seeking advice or a second opinion if unsure.

Is a Lawyer Required to Enter a No Win Fee Cost Agreement?

No, a lawyer is not required to enter into a "no win, no fee" or contingency fee agreement. This type of arrangement is entirely discretionary and depends on the lawyer or law firm's business model, their assessment of the case, and other considerations.

What Is The Typical Contingency Fee Amount?

Typical contingency fee arrangements are in personal injury cases are anywhere between 33.3% and 40%. Although costs change depending on the law firm, a typical percentage is 33% prelitigation, 40% if a lawsuit is filed, and 45% if the case is determined by a jury verdict. But, you should check with the attorney to see what they charge.

How Are Legal Costs Repaid?

If the attorney wins or settles the personal injury matter, their law firm takes a predetermined percentage of the recovery as their fee. The agreed upon percentage should have been pre-determined prior the start of the attorney client relationship and should be clearly described in the signup agreement.

Regarding repayment, in many cases, the attorney will pay for the costs and expenses (like court fees, expert witness fees, costs of depositions, and so on) upfront. Once the case concludes, these costs are reimbursed to the attorney from the settlement or award after the attorney's fee is calculated. For example, if a client receives a $100,000 settlement prior to the filing of a petition, then the attorney would then take $33,000 (33% of $90,000) as their fee. Afterwards, the expenses would be reimbursed.

Generally, in a contingency fee agreement, if there's no recovery, some lawyers agree to absorb these additional costs if the case is unsuccessful, while others might require the client to reimburse them. It's crucial for clients to understand the terms of their agreement in this respect.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Attorney Houston

Why Hire Houston No Win No Fee Attorney?

We are confident that after a complimentary initial consultation with us, you'll recognize our expertise, dedication, and empathy that drives attorney Niles Sneed's commitment to advocate for you. Finding a good lawyer near you isn't easy, but we care and respect to each of our clients as we would to our own loved ones. With decades of experience under our belt, and under the leadership of attorney Sneed has championed for the rights of those who've suffered severe injuries, striving to secure the highest possible compensation for them. His track record includes some of the most significant personal injury settlements in the history of Texas. Yet, every case we take on receives the same zeal and determination for justice.

Whether you were hurt in a car accident, injured at work, or due to something else, attorney Niles Sneed can help you recover the compensation you deserve. We’ll handle the entire claims process from beginning to end, and you only pay if (and when) we win your case and put money in your pocket. Call us now at 713-800-6676 (local) or 1-866-434-0014 (toll-free) for a free consultation.

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