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Black Personal Injury Lawyer | Dallas, TX

Niles Sneed is Dallas' top trial and serious personal injury attorney. When people search for African American attorneys to help them after being involved in an accident or suffering harm, they contact Niles Sneed. Niles and his awarded team have secured more than $20 million in verdicts and settlements for clients and has the experience, resources, and track record to take on the very best.

If you are searching for a black personal injury attorney in Dallas or Fort Worth, call accident attorney Niles Sneed. We understand what you're going through and are ready to assist you or your loved one, especially where you're looking for lawyers near me. Niles and his team will stand beside you and fight to get your the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies and defendants respect our law firm. If you don't receive the settlement you deserve, we'll take the case to trial.

Sneed & Mitchell is a completely black-owned law firm and proudly represents minorities in a wide range of legal issues, including auto accidents, truck wrecks, pedestrian accidents, construction site injuries, slip and falls, wrongful death cases, offshore accidents, and more. Ask to speak with Niles Sneed directly by calling (214)-210-0266 for a free and confidential consultation.

Dallas black personal injury lawyer Niles Sneed
Attorney Niles Sneed, founder and lead trial attorney of Sneed & Mitchell LLP.

The Best Black Personal Injury Attorney in Dallas, TX

Every day, Dallas and Fort Worth residents and visitors show up in local emergency rooms suffering pains and medical complications from accidents that were not their fault. After receiving initial medical care these victims often have the same question, "How do I find the best personal injury attorney near me?"

People consider Niles Sneed and his attorneys the best black personal injury lawyers in Dallas for the following reasons:

  • We are client-driven and never accept more than 15 cases at a time

  • We get proven results with a 99% success rate

  • We have recovered more than $20 million for our clients collectively

  • We are considered a Top Dallas plaintiff's firm by peers and judges

  • We receive Super Lawyer and Rising Star recognitions each year

  • We have four convenient locations throughout Texas

  • We do not employ legal assistants or paralegals to handle our clients. Your case will be handled directly by any attorneys who will give you undivided attention

  • Our attorneys accept on a contingency fee basis, so you will not pay anything unless we win.

Overall, the best legal professional to handle your case is the one that makes you fully comfortable with how your case will be handled prior to you hiring them. When you call, ask to speak directly with Niles. He will review the facts of what occurred and inform you of how our firm can hold the at-fault person or company liable for the injuries you suffered.

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What is a personal injury lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer is a legal professional that prosecutes cases in civil court related to the physical or emotional injuries a person suffered due to the carelessness or recklessness or another. Personal injury lawyers begin each claim by conducting a full investigation of your accident to identify all potentially liable parties and sources of insurance. During the process of investigating a claim, a personal injury lawyer also works to prove liability, which often involves hiring case experts in the form of engineers, medical professionals, accident reconstruction companies, or economists to prove your lost wages as a results of the accident.

Once liability is established, personal injury lawyers prepare a demand letter and begin negotiating with insurance companies to obtain a fair settlement on their client's behalf. Personal injuries lawyers often resolve claims in the negotiation phase, however, if the case does not settle, the attorney will file the lawsuit and begin depositions, subpoena evidence, engage in pre-trial conferences, and take the case to trial if needed.

Common injuries that require an attorney

Law firms provide free case consultations for potential clients. Consultations are confidential and allow the client and our attorneys to openly discuss the facts and laws applicable to any cause of action. When choosing a personal injury attorney you should always ask, "How long have you been practicing law? How many cases have you litigated that are similar to mine? What do you anticipate are the hurdles to my case being successful?" These questions allow people to determine the potential attorney is best suited to handle your case.

What types of claims does Niles Sneed handle?

Niles Sneed built a full-service personal injury and accident law firm. If you have suffered injuries that were not your fault, there's a great chance our attorneys can help you recover maximum compensation for your damages. Our firm handles most forms of accident situations that leave victims and their families with serious physical and economic setbacks.

The types of personal injury matters we handle includes:

Personal injuries leave Dallas victims and families with significant physical, emotional, and financial impacts after an unanticipated accident. During these stressful times, clients relay on Niles Sneed as their trusted and caring legal advocate. Niles provides victims sound, reliable, and sensible advise in terms that are practical and easy to understand. Let us handle the Defendant and their insurance companies while you focus on what matters most, healing from your injuries. Whether the liable entity is covered by Geico, USAA, Progressive, or a lesser known company, Niles has secured settlement and compensation against them of behalf of a victims.

Don't let the insurance company try to settle your claim quickly and for as little as possible. Niles Sneed will ensure that any resolution takes into account both your current and future expenses.

What Should I Do If I’m Injured in Dallas?

If you believe you are the victim of a personal injury accident in Dallas, it is important to know that time is of the essence. Certain actions must be performed quickly in order to protect your right to recovering compensation under Texas law. Your attorney also needs the opportunity to preserve evidence as soon as soon.

If you were injured in Dallas, you should take the following steps to protect your claim:

  • Seek medical treatment immediately. Do not wait. Obtaining medical treatment not only ensures that any emergent medical complications are detected, but also provides you medical records that serve as valuable evidence in proving the mechanism of injury. Waiting an extended time to visit a doctor also lessens the credibility of your claim.

  • Contact the police. While at the scene of the accident, call the Dallas Police Department so that a responding officer can take a detailed accident report. The investigative report completed by the responding officer will include an assessment regarding who caused or contributed in causing the event, along with any witness information and their contact details.

  • Do not speak to an insurance adjuster after your accident. After getting injured, victims often think to themselves: What do I really need a lawyer for? Can’t I just speak with an insurance company or negotiate the claim myself? Speaking with the insurance company places victims at an extreme disadvantage because the insurance company trains adjusters to belittle claims and find ways to blame the innocent party.

  • Contact a Dallas personal injury attorney as soon as possible. With each passing day after an injury, more evidence goes missing, witness memories fade, and it becomes harder for an attorney to build the best case possible for your compensation.

These important steps provide a skilled attorney an advantage when fighting for the best possible results when handling your recovery claim. If you have questions about what to do after an injury or accident, feel free to give us a call. Attorney Niles Sneed has years of experience with presenting injury claims and can assist you step by step in establishing your claim.

What Types of Damages Can Niles Sneed Help Me Obtain?

Niles Sneed will aggressively pursue the maximum financial recovery for you. The damages that we can help obtain on your behalf include:

Economic damages:

  • Hospital costs

  • Physician bills

  • Rehabilitation needs

  • Physical aid devices

  • Loss wages

  • Economic damages

  • Property damages

  • Funeral costs

Non-economic damages:

  • Pain and suffering

  • Emotional distress

  • Loss of a normal life

  • Loss of consortium

  • Missed opportunities

  • Damages that are aimed at punishing and deterring especially egregious misconduct.

How Long Do I Have To File An Accident Case?

As an accident victim in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas, remember that you only have two years from the date of the accident to fully resolve your injury claim, or file the lawsuit in civil court against the appropriate defendants. This time constraint under Texas law is called the "statute of limitations". Judges in Texas are usually unwilling to extend or toll the two year time limit, so it is important to retain legal counsel as early as possible if you believe you may have a case.

What Should I Know About Dallas Legal System?

Generally speaking, in order to recover compensation in a Dallas or Fort Worth injury claim either through a settlement or verdict, an attorney must proves the at-fault individual or company was negligent. Under Texas law, in order to prove a Defendant is liable, an attorney that handles personal injury litigation must prove the following elements:

  • The at-fault party owed you a duty of care. A duty of care is the standard of safety or precaution applicable to any event or circumstance. As an example, when operating a motor vehicle in Texas all local and visiting motorists are charged with the obligation, or "duty", to abide by all local driver safety regulations. The standard of care to operate your vehicle as a reasonably prudent person would in a similar situation. A reasonably prudent person would exercise diligent care and awareness during operation of their vehicle while abiding by all traffic signals and local rules. Similarly, a duty of care extends to any company that performs a service or sells a product here in Texas.

  • There was a breach of this duty of care. Evidence proving the Defendant violated the standard of care is the next requirement. An attorney aiming to establish that a violation occurred in a traffic accident must show that the motorist failed to remain in their lane, failed to keep a proper lookout, exceeded safe driving speeds, or more. If the accident occurred on a construction site, a lawyer would look for evidence that a safety standard was violated, like repairing broken tools or providing proper protective gear to employees.

  • The breach of the duty of care caused plaintiff’s injuries. In order to pursue a personal injury claim, the Plaintiff must prove that the breach of duty resulted in causing the victim to suffer either economic or non-economic damages or losses. An experienced attorney will work to quantify the damages to determine the proper monetary sum adequate to make the plaintiff whole. Attorney Niles Sneed analyzes the client's current and future loss of earnings, medical treatment costs, anticipated future medical costs, household expenses, pain and suffering, and emotional distress damages.

If you're considering pursuing a personal injury claim and wish to consult with an African American trial lawyer, call Niles Sneed today. Niles has years of experience representing personal injury claims can discuss with you how to our firm can strengthen your case to obtain the best possible chance of success. At the personal injury firm of Sneed & Mitchell LLP, we understand the rules of personal injury lawsuits in Dallas and throughout Dallas County courthouses. Let us help you with your accident claim and recovery.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Settlement For My Injuries?

Once you decide to purse a personal injury claim, you will likely wonder, "How long will it take for my case to settle?" Technically, a personal injury case can settle within twelve days of the insurance company receiving a demand letter on your behalf. However, the negotiation phase does not have to end this quickly and can take months or years to reach an agreed upon settlement. The length of a case largely depends upon the complexity and severity of your injuries. Insurance companies are often more hesitant to provide adequate sums in cases where a victim's injuries are severe or require significant medical treatment or future care. In situations where a Plaintiff suffered catastrophic injury or disfigurement, an attorney often must file a lawsuit, engage in records requests, and proceed towards trial. A case can still settle in mediation, but there is not a guarantee. The quality of evidence supporting your claim is an important factor that often reduces the extent of time it takes to resolve your case.

What If I Am Partially At Fault For Causing My Injuries?

If you are partially liable for causing the accident to occur, you might still be able to recover compensation. Here in Dallas, Texas, your case is determined by what is called a "modified comparative fault" standard. In a modified comparative fault jurisdiction, a Plaintiff is able to recover compensation as long as he or she is less than 50 percent at fault. So, rather than allotting 100% of the fault to only the defendant or the plaintiff, the Plaintiff can still receive a reduced compensatory award.

If you believe you may have contributed in causing either your accident or injuries, speak with a Dallas injury lawyer before sharing your story with another person or insurance company. In Dallas, you will not be barred from your recovery. Having a lawyer examine the facts of your case could help you minimize your maximize your financial outcome.

The Importance of Black Legal Representation

Retaining a black lawyer as your legal professional is important to ensure that your attorney understands your perspective and sensitives. An attorney with a shared perspective and understanding views the world as you do. Having an African American legal professional also guarantees that no racial bias or animosity impacts how your grievances are being understood or appreciated. The advocate will also fight to make certain that degree of impact you suffered, and may continue to suffer, is fully understood and compensated for. Racial disparities can impact the amount of compensation a person receives as other races incorrectly assume that black people experience less pain when compared to other races. National studies have revealed that African Americans are also less likely to be prescribed pain medication by medical professionals and that they generally receive lower doses of it when they are. These unfortunate biases and beliefs often cause African Americans to receive inadequate settlement offers.

Attorney Niles Sneed fights to make certain that the pain and suffering his clients are experiencing is fully understood and appreciated by the negligent parties and their insurance company. Niles strongly believes that a client cannot obtain justice under the law unless it is aggressively pursued. Don't risk your chance of obtaining a recovery by hiring a lawyer that doesn't fully appreciate you as a person. The success of our firm is unprecedented. Niles considered the best personal injury lawyer in Dallas and it is completely due to our clients continuously trusting us to make a difference in their lives.

An African American and Minority Owned Law Firm in Dallas County

Attorney Niles Sneed created one of the only African American and fully minority-owned personal injury and accident firms in Dallas County. Sneed & Mitchell was created by Niles and his wife, Brit Mitchell, who is the other founding partner. The two formed this firm to ensure that people of color are adequately represented and receive all of the damages they are entitled to under Texas law. Within the field of personal injury law the decision making body, whether it is a Texas jury, judge, or mediator, often have biases or prejudices towards people of color. Niles works tirelessly to helped make sure each clients grievances are fully appreciated.

If you're searching for a black attorney, call Niles Sneed today. Niles is routinely ranked as one of the top Dallas lawyers, and has received many accolades, including recognitions from the National Bar Associate and Super Lawyers. Our Dallas injury attorneys have the experience to protect your interests and help you seek full and fair compensation for your injuries or the loss of a loved one.

Dallas Texas African American lawyer
Attorney Niles Sneed engaged in trial preparation.

African American Personal Injury Lawyer Niles Sneed

If you or a loved one is looking from an African American attorney to represent help resolve your personal injury case, call Niles Sneed. Niles is an experienced black lawyer and regularly those seriously injured or killed due to the negligent actions of another person or company. From our four convenient locations our firm we are able to provide assistance near you. Call attorney Niles Sneed and his team today at 713-800-6676.

If you need assistance outside of Dallas, Niles also helps across Texas from our additional location in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.

Contact us today for a 100% free no obligation consultation. We also offer a contactless signup process and make home and hospital visits. Let us assess your case and help you understand how our firm can be of assistance to you. We also handle each case on a No Win No Fee Basis, meaning you owe us nothing unless we are successful in your case.


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