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Astroworld Festival 2021 Lawsuit



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Our law firm currently represents clients injured in at Astroworld Festival 2021 after the crowd, which numbered an estimated 50,000, compressed toward the front of the stage and people began to panic and people began to “fall out” and become unconscious. Although the investigation into this disheartening occasion is still unfolding, our team believes that a number of safety violations occurred while allowed the tragedy to occur. 

If you were hurt at Astroworld Festival 2021, the event organizers and their insurance company may be liable and for you or your loved ones injuries, damages, and losses. Of course, it depends on the unique facts that continue to surface in the coming days.

Much of us love and enjoy the group of musicians that were present at this years festival. This legal matter is not against them. It is the lesser known event organizers, festival promoters, and third party companies that must take the reasonable steps to ensure each concertgoers safety. The requirement to take reasonable steps for safety is called a legal duty. A duty of care arises anytime your actions may hurt someone else. Everyone in society has a duty to act reasonably and carefully when it comes to making sure that the people around them don’t get hurt. 

If you were hurt at Astroworld Festival 2021, contact Sneed & Mitchell today at 713-800-6676. Consultations are always free and our staff is available 24 hours a day for your convenience. 

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At Sneed & Mitchell, the repeated and unprecedented success we have achieved for our clients is due to our swift, aggressive, and meticulous case investigation. The outcome of your legal matter is largely depend on an attorney engaging in the following actions; 

  • Send Letters of Evidence Preservation to all companies involved

  • Investigate the scene with reconstructionist experts

  • Request all surveillance footage of the event 

  • Request all event planning documents

  • Understand how the injury occurred 

Sneed & Mitchell LLP works on a contingency basis, which means you pay nothing for our services until we successfully resolve your case. If, for some reason, we are unable to secure a favorable settlement or verdict, you will owe us nothing.



In several insufficient security cases, the complainant is in some way injured by the criminal act, and consequently brings a legal action against the property owner. The owners were persons that were considered responsible and they were in control of the premises where the complainant was hurt. The litigant holds these property owners responsible for having averted a criminal act from happening.

There are several inadequate security cases including:

  • Insufficient security

  • Insufficient lighting

  • Insufficient security apparatuses

  • Inadequate control over keys and locks

  • Lack of skilled security personnel

  • Deprived lightening in parking lots and garages

  • Absence of security cameras

  • Spiked surveillance cameras

  • Blocked emergency exits

  • Insecure windows

When these aspects are not adhered to by property owners, it may be viewed in the judicial system as a breach of security. For instance, this could be a robbery in a business complex that could have been averted through the use of the emergency exit doors but they do not function as a result of a blockage. Due to such negligence, security issues can have great impacts like severe injury because of the stampede and wrongful death claims.

Our firm works on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will pay us nothing unless we win your case.


As a festival attendee, you expect there to be a certain level of precaution to keep you and the rest of the concertgoers safe. The festival organizers’ job is to keep safety measures in place and sufficient security staff to respond to emergencies. This is where duty of care comes into play; it is a legal duty for promoters and organizers to ensure the safety of their patrons.


For festival organizers to avoid premises liability they must assess risks, inform emergency services, address legal and management issues as well as meet all legal obligations before hosting any type of event. 

Music festivals are all fun and games until someone suffers a serious injury. These laws are put into place to help promoters maintain ‘duty of care’ while minimizing any potential risk associated with their music festival.



Rowdy crowds, small spaces, and mosh pits are a recipe for disaster. Between dodging fellow music fans and battling sunburn, the last thing anyone wants is to suffer from broken bones or any other type of serious injury. 

There is nothing worse than getting stuck in the middle of a mosh pit with no exit in sight. Crowd surfing sounds like fun until no one catches you and suddenly you’re getting trampled under a number of people. One minute you’re having the time of your life, and in a blink of an eye, you suffered a serious injury to your back, neck and head.

Here are some other personal injuries that can occur at music festivals:

  • Falling of equipment on people that’s not properly placed/secured.

  • Back, head or neck injuries caused by moshing or crowd surfing

  • Being hit by glass bottles thrown by others

  • Trips/falls that occur on walkways that haven’t been properly secured

  • Deafness or other hearing problems


A festival organizer’s premises of liability is solely centered around the individual circumstances of a person’s injury. With tens of thousands of music fans joining together in crowded environments and abusing alcohol, adrenaline tends to heighten, and unfortunately, concert venues sometimes tend to favor unsavory accidents. 

If serious injuries were obtained by a third party, the festival organizers could still be liable for your injuries. Before making a personal injury claim, take a look take a look at how a festival organizer could be liable:

  • Festival employees over-serve customers

  • Lack of proper security/understaffed

  • Insufficient barricades or blockages that cause the flow of people to stampede

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As your negligent security attorneys, we will make sure all your damages are thoroughly documented and then fight aggressively for you to receive full and fair compensation. Areas of compensation include:

  • Past and future medical costs

  • Pain and suffering

  • Emotional Distress

  • Lost income

  • Lost earning capacity

  • Property damage

Whenever possible, we strive to resolve claims in negotiations with the insurance companies, as this puts cash in our clients’ hands quickly, right when they need it. However, if the insurance company doesn't offer enough for your damages, we'll take them to court.

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It is significant to get a legal representation when handling a probable negligence security claim to facilitate an autonomous investigation if it is required for your case. It may be essential to evaluate the security and criminal activity of the area in question. An accomplished and enthusiastic lawyer from Sneed & Mitchell LLP will take the required measures to review your case and ensure justice is served. The attorneys from the firm have undisputed competencies and experience in representing victims of negligent security cases to get maximum possible compensation. Contact us today and let us get started on your claim.


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